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About Taipei

City News

  Subject   Date  
  2015 Yangmingshan Flower Festival   2015/02/24  
  Discovery Center of Taipei will be closed on Feb. 28th (Sat) for Peace Memorial Day.   2015/02/16  
  Taipei Metro to Run in Holiday Mode during Chinese New Year Holiday   2015/02/13  
  2015 Chinese New Year Street Bazaar: Celebrating 20 Years of Traditional Holiday Shopping   2015/02/13  
  Perfect Getaways for CNY Holiday: Riverside Parks   2015/02/12  
  2015 Rongbin CNY Street Bazaar: Traffic Control Information   2015/02/11  
  The 3rd floor of Discovery Center of Taipei will be closed from 9:00 to 13:30 on Feb 13th,2015   2015/02/11  
  TRTC to Offer Unique MRT Commemorative Stamps at Each Station   2015/02/10  
  Tankan Orange Fest to Open February 7 at Beitou Park   2015/02/06  
  Dadaocheng Street Kitchen Offers New Takes on New Year Dishes   2015/02/05  
  Kicking off the Year of the Goat with the 2015 Taipei Lantern Festival   2015/02/05  
  Yangmingshan Flower Festival Ushers in Spring Season   2015/02/04  
  Discovery Center of Taipei will be closed from Feb 18 th (Wed) to Feb 23 th(Mon)for Chinese New Year.   2015/02/03  
  Spectacular Taipei Bimonthly Feb. ~ Mar., 2015 No. 43   2015/02/02  
  Chinese New Year Gifts--Expressing Wishes for Fortune and Prosperity   2015/01/30  
  The new 2015 “Taipei Pass” itineraries and discount booklet is now available! Featuring innovative online shop navigation and offline map service, as well as personal best itineraries of renowned artist, Vega Tsai, and travel writer, Danny Wen   2015/01/30  
  Plum Garden is closed from Jan 5, 2015 (Monday) to May 05, 2015 (Tuesday) for interior renovation   2015/01/30  
  City Announces Traffic Control Measures for 2015 CNY Street Bazaar   2015/01/29  
  Mini Lantern for 2015 Taipei Lantern Festival Meets the Public   2015/01/29  
  Regenerated Fudekeng, Sanshuilu Parks Offer Cycling Fun   2015/01/26  

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