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Arrival & Departure 2013/12/15


Documents required for entering Taiwan:

( 1 ) Passport ( 2 )Customs declaration form ( 3 )Foreign nationals: Visa, onward journey ticket, arrival card

Arrival Sequence

Arrival Sequence

Human Quarantine Inspection

Before walking through the fever screening station, please remove any headwear, to facilitate infrared temperature detection.
Under Taiwan’s immigration quarantine regulations, inbound passengers who appear to be in ill health are required to undergo related quarantine measures.
Advice hotline: 1922
Service numbers: Terminal 1: +886-3-398-2584; Terminal 2: +886-3-398-3395.3.

Passport Control

On arrival in Taiwan, please present the following documents at passport control:
ROC nationals: Passport, arrival card (not required for ROC nationals with household registration in Taiwan).
Foreign nationals: Passport, visa, arrival card, boarding card stub.

Service number: +886-3-398-5010, ext. 7401–7405.

Automated e-Gate service

Automated self-service immigration control facilities (“e-Gate”) are available for ROC nationals resident in Taiwan, and for alien residents with multiple re-entry rights. Applicants must be over age 14 and at least 140 cm tall. At Taoyuan International Airport, enrolment counters are located in the passport control areas of the departure and arrival halls in Terminals
1 and 2.

Click here for further details.

Fast-track Passport Control for Frequent Visitors

Foreign nationals who visit Taiwan frequently may apply for a Speedy Immigration Inspection Certificate. Click here to apply online.

Animal and Plant Quarantine Inspection

Travelers are strictly forbidden to bring the following items into Taiwan: Fresh fruit and vegetables.
Plant or animal products for which prior authorization has not been obtained (includes live animals, meat products, live plants).
Any person bringing animals, plants, or their derivative products into Taiwan should go to the animal and plant quarantine counter to complete quarantine inspection procedures.
If you wish to bring any item of agricultural produce into Taiwan, please telephone the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine.
Service numbers: Terminal 1: +886-3-398-2268; Terminal 2: +886-3-398-3371.

Currency restrictions

Please click here for detailed information on the regulations governing the amounts of foreign currencies, Renminbi, New Taiwan Dollars and gold that each passenger may bring into Taiwan.

Currency restrictions
Category Information
Gold Passengers may bring in any amount of gold, but must declare to the Customs regardless of the amount. If the total value of gold exceeds US$20,000, an import permit issued by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs is needed at the port of entry, and the clearance of goods and inspections are required, too.
Foreign currency Amounts of US$10,000 or more, or the equivalent in other currencies, must be declared and registered with Customs.
Negotiable securities Negotiable securities with a face value of US$10,000 or more must be declared to Customs.
NTD Not more than NT$60,000 in notes can be brought in by each passenger unless a permit from the Central Bank of China is obtained in advance.
RMB Not more than RMB$20,000 in notes can be brought in by each passenger. The amount in excess of RMB $20,000 should be declared to the Customs and placed in bond for subsequent return abroad.

Import Restrictions

Import Restrictions
  Category   Information
  Items not on the List of Commodities Subject to Import and Export Restrictions  

Maximum value US$20,000


Items to a value exceeding the above allowance, and items on the List of Commodities Subject to Import and Export Restrictions


An import license must be presented.

For further details please contact Taipei Customs.

Service number: +886-3-383-4265

Customs Inspection of Luggage

Please collect your luggage from the luggage claim area. If your luggage does not include items in excess of the duty-free allowances, or items whose importation is controlled, banned, or restricted, you may go through the “Nothing to Declare” customs channel (green). Otherwise you must go through the “Goods to Declare” channel (red).

Please click here for further information on customs clearance of travelers’ luggage.

Service numbers: Terminal 1: +886-3-398-2307; Terminal 2: +886-3-398-3386.

Luggage Claim

After going through passport control, please proceed to the customs lobby and wait at the luggage claim area to collect your luggage.

Bonded Luggage Service (24 hours)

If you have luggage that you do not wish to take through customs, you may deposit it at the bonded luggage counter for collection on departure.

Bonded baggage service (24 hours)
Weight Charge
Up to 12 kg NTD$200
12–22 kg NTD$250
22–32 kg NTD$300
32–42 kg NTD$400
Over 42 kg and high-value items NTD$500

Service numbers: Terminal 1: +886-3-398-2326; Terminal 2: +886-3-398-3369.

Left Luggage and Packing Services

Left luggage and luggage packing service counters located in Terminals 1 and 2 provide left luggage service and home collection and delivery services.

Service hours: 06:00–23:30

Baggage storage, packing services
  Terminal 1 Terminal 2
Location North side of arrivals hall, 1st floor (1F) South side of arrivals hall, 1st floor (1F)
South side of departures hall, 3rd floor (3F)
Service number +886-3-255-2233 +886-3-255-2290



Please go the check-in counter of your airline two to three hours before your flight departure time to complete check-in procedures. For the latest check-in time allowed by your airline, please contact your airline.

Documents Required for Departure:

( 1 ) ROC nationals: passport, boarding card. ( 2 ) Foreign nationals: passport, boarding card.

Departure Sequence:



Check-in Services

Please present your ticket and passport at your airline counter to complete check-in procedures, get your seat number, and check in your luggage. After checking in, be sure to take with you your identity documents, boarding card, and checked luggage receipt.
Click here to check which terminal your airline flies from.

‧Self check-in Kiosk Services
Passengers may use the self-service check-in kiosks to check in more quickly and conveniently.

The following airlines provide self-check-in kiosk services:
• China Airlines (CI)
• EVA Airways (BR)
• Cathay Pacific Airways (CX)
• Trans Asia Airways(GE)
• Delta Air Lines(DL)
• United Airlines(UA)
• KLM Asia(KL)
• Dragonair(KA)
• All Nippon Airways(NH)
• Hawaiian Airlines(HA)

To check in at a self-service kiosk, perform the following simple steps:

Step 1: Insert your passport to scan your details, or enter the number of your e-ticket to retrieve your flight information.
Step 2: Select your seat and print out your boarding card.
Step 3: Check in your luggage at the designated luggage check-in counter.
Step 4: Continue with departure procedures.

*To check whether your ticket and passport are eligible to use the self-service kiosks, please contact your airline. Because each airline has its own rules, passengers are requested to follow the check-in procedures required by their airline.

Checked Luggage

Please attach a baggage tag to your luggage. Go to the check-in counter to complete check-in procedures and check in your luggage. Make sure that your luggage has successfully passed through X-ray inspection before you leave the check-in area. (Please take good care of your checked luggage receipt. You will need the receipt to file a claim with your airline if your luggage is lost.)

  • The free baggage allowance for passengers traveling to the United States of America is two pieces of checked luggage per person, maximum weight 23 kilograms per piece.
  • For passengers traveling to destinations outside the USA, the free baggage allowance is calculated by total weight: first class and business class 30 kg; economy class 20 kg.
  • Airlines may have their own rules for checked luggage. For details please contact your airline.

Carry-on Luggage Regulations

Hand luggage carried aboard aircraft by passengers must be within the following the dimensions: length 56 cm, width 36 cm, height 23 cm. For other regulations regarding luggage please contact your airline.
Lithium Batteries.bmp

Customs Declarations

For any inquiries regarding departure customs declaration procedures or items carried as luggage, please contact the Customs service counter.

Please click here for more detailed information on customs clearance.
Service numbers: Terminal 1: +886-3-398-2308; Terminal 2: +886-3-398-3222.

Animal and Plant Inspection and Quarantine

Passengers wishing to take animals, plants, or related products out of Taiwan should first visit the departures office of the Bureau of Animal and Plant Inspection and Quarantine for export inspection.
Service numbers: Terminal 1: +886-3-398-2264; Terminal 2: +886-3-398-3373.

Source:Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (2013-11-14)

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