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Organization 2011/07/28
Unit Service introduction
Integrated Marketing Division Promote the government policy and Taipei’s International City and tourism image

Subdivision- Project Marketing

Draw up the marketing plan to propagandize the Taipei image

Subdivision- Media Marketing

Use the print media and the electronic media to propagandize policy and tourism

Subdivision-Activity Marketing

Handle the large-scale activity to promote the city image
Tourism Development Division Plan and develop tourism policies; promote the conference exhibition business

Subdivision- Tourism Planning

Draw up the policy and plan tour products and activities

Subdivision- Conference Exhibition Promotion

Promote conference exhibition and strive for the sponsorship of international conference
Tourism Industry Division Assist and manage the development of the tourism industry

Subdivision -- Industrial Counseling

Assist and manage the tourism industry and dispose consumer disputes

Subdivision -- Travel & Accommodation Management

Plan and manage scenic and hot-spring areas

City Tourism Service Division

Plan tour routes, arrange tours for city municipal works, and manage the Taipei Visitor Information Centers and Discovery Center of Taipei

Subdivision- Travel Planning

Plan tour routes, arrange tours for city municipal works, and manage the Taipei Visitor Information Centers

Subdivision- Operation Management

Establish and manage the Discovery Center of Taipei
Media Relations and Publications Division Edit and publish periodicals and books, handle the media relations

Subdivision- Publications

Edit and publish periodicals, books, brochures and maps

Subdivision- Media Relations

Handle the press release and media relations
Mass Media Affairs Division Assist and monitor the print media, video taping, film and cable system industries

Subdivision- Print Media

Monitor and manage the print media industry’s illegal news and advertisement

Subdivision- Broadcasting Affairs

Approve the application and monitor the broadcasting industry

Subdivision- Cable TV

Handle the cable TV affairs and carry out the cable TV promotion plan
Multimedia Information Office Produce and manage audio-visual materials and manage information affairs.
General Affairs Office Handle research & detection, documentation, filing, official seal, cashier, purchase, legality etc.

Subdivision- Documentation

Handle research & detection, document, official seal, filing and legality

Subdivision- Procurement

Handle purchase, cashier and property etc.
Accounting Office Handle in accordance with the law for annual revenue, accountancy and statistics.
Personnel Office Handle the personnel management issues.
Civil Service Ethics Office Investigate charges of corruption