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Tastes of Taipei

Huaxi Street Tourist Night Market

Huaxi Street Tourist Night Market_1  

Huaxi Street Tourist Night Market

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Specialties:Thick squid soup, oyster omelets, goose meat, meats ball

The Huaxi Street Tourist Night Market is the most well known international tourist night market in Taipei, for more than 50 years of history selling mostly tonic food, Chinese herbal food, crafts, commodities, gourmet snacks. Seafood cuisine is especially famous here, and the "Tainan Danzai Noodle" House decorated in art-deco style is Huaxi's signature gourmet restaurant. Other special features that attract large crowds are the Chinese herbal cuisine cooked with snake, foot massage shops, healthoriented spa.

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  Located near Longshan Temple, Huaxi Street Tourist Night Market was the first tourist night market in Taiwan. Established in 1951, the night market has been in business for more than 60 years. Thanks to professional planning, information signs in English and Japanese can be seen almost everywhere in the market. As a result, the night market attracts many domestic and foreign tourists coming here for the delicious food. A historic traditional Chinese ceremonial arch, with striking hanging red lanterns, stands at the entrance to the night market. The stores on both sides of the ceremonial arch are old, and possess outstanding reputations and quality. Apart from snack shops, there are many foot massage shops where your weary feet can receive pampering. Apart from the attention-getting snake shops, the most eye-catching thing in the night market is the Tainan Tantsumien Seafood Restaurant, where authentic local snacks and fancy hotel decor come together. Moreover, foreign tourists invariably rave about the wide array of snack foods, including the oyster omelets, meat soups, sesame oil chicken, steamed rice cakes, Taiwanese meatballs, sautéed escargot, noodle soup with eel, and potsticker soup. Are you drooling now? Hurry and visit Huaxi Street Tourist Night Market and taste authentic traditional Taiwanese snack foods. After you fill your belly, don’t forget to visit nearby Xiyuan Road, Buddhist Implement Street, for a different traditional industry experience.  

Location From Wanhua Train Station to Huaxi street   
Open Time 16:00-24:00
Telephone +886-2-2388-1818
Transportation PUBLIC TRANSPORT: MRT Station:MRT Longshan Temple Station - On foot 5 min. 
OTHERS: Bus: 231. 234. 245. 263. 265. 310. 628. 701. 702. Heping Road Express Line Get off at wanhua Station MRT:Bannan Line(Longshan Temple) 

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