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Xinyi Shopping District

Xinyi Shopping District_1  

Xinyi Shopping District

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Known as the "Manhattan of Taipei," the Xinyi Shopping District brings together upscale malls, Eslite Bookstore, cinemas and all manner of international cuisine. This is also a great spot to enjoy the evening view and pulse of Taipei.
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  Xinyi Business District is one of the most distinctive areas of Taipei City. Here you will find department stores, hotels, and fashionable restaurants clustered closely together, as well as important landmarks like City Hall, the Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC), Taipei 101, the flagship store of the Eslite Bookstore chain, and so on. There are lots and lots of people here, as well as stores and entertainment activities, so you might call this area “Taipei’s Manhattan.” Throughout the Xinyi Business District you’ll see wide, clean streets, display windows showing the latest fashions, and big billboards. The department stores here carry world-class brand names and the works of master designers. Shoppers here will never be bored. The department stores in this district are connected by elevated walkways that enhance the distinctiveness of the overall scene. As you shuttle from one store to the next, you will be able to view the bustling street scenes below and the skyline, framed by dense skyscrapers, from many different angles. If you choose to walk on the streets, you’ll discover that they are shaded, and that there are many works of public art along the streets. Inside the pedestrian-only areas, you may also see occasional performances under way. On holidays, the street-side performers will use their refined techniques to draw your attention. You may find it hard to believe that only 30 years ago this entire area was covered with rice paddies, but now it is the commercial and financial center in Taipei. Life here is faster than elsewhere, and at night it undergoes another transformation and begins to show a New Wave aspect. The glittering, ever-changing quality of the Xinyi Business District thus makes it a tourist hotspot that you certainly don’t want to miss.  

Location Songzhi Road, Songren Road, and Xinyi Road   
Open Time around 11:00~21:30
Transportation PUBLIC TRANSPORT: MRT Station:MRT: Taipei city hall station 

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