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Tastes of Taipei

Beitou’s Tavern Dishes

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The taste bud-stimulating luxury of Beitou’s ‘Tavern Dishes’ By Liao Ya-qin; Photographs by Wang Neng-you

Coming in a colorful range, the “Tavern Dishes” unique to Beitou are culinary dreams come true.

  Located in northern Taipei City, Beitou boasts scenic beauty, historic sites, a “green library”, famous hot springs and “Tavern Dishes”, a distinctive cuisine underscoring the regional history and culinary art.

  Back in the Japanese colonial period, the Japanese built resorts and hotels in Beitou, a town with a hot spring, to entertain prominent political and business figures with what was later called “bureaucratic food” or “Tavern Dishes”, accompanied by live Nakasi bands.

  The Tavern Dishes were prepared by chefs who integrated the best of Japanese, Sichuan and other regional cuisines. Meticulously cut and decorated, these signature delicacies of Beitou offer a visual and savory extravaganza that remains popular with gourmets.

  Among the mouth-watering Tavern Dishes, the seemingly simple “Fuzhou Fish Skin Salad” offered by Spring City Resort features chewy salmon skin; the “Cherry Blossoms & Shrimp Rice” offered by Beitou Grand View Resort is immensely savory with the aroma of seafood and sesame oil! The “Golden Ribs” is a specialty of Beauty Age Resort, made by deep-frying cured pork ribs.

  The SweetMe Hotspring Resort reduces the use of oil, sugar and salt in all of its dishes, including the mullet roe with shrimp paste, to meet the growing need for healthy menus. At the NINE PLUS Spa Hot Spring Hotel, the “Combo of Tavern Dishes” comprises shark’s fin, Superior Bird's Nest, leopard coral trout, and other delicacies painstakingly cooked with varied ingredients for a visual impact that highlights the chefs’ remarkable cutting and cooking skills.

The meticulously cut and decorated Tavern Dishes offer a visual as well as a savory extravaganza.

  To satisfy customers’ appetite, banquet menus containing 10 or more dishes each are currently available at SweetMe Hotspring Resort, Spring City Resort, Spa Spring Resort, Beauty Age Resort, Atami Hotel and Aqua Bella Hotel. Before September 30, 2011, anyone who orders Beitou’s Tavern Dishes will receive free gifts, discounts or extra dishes offered by respective restaurants.

  As part of a million-circulation, century-old publication series, the Michelin Green Guide Taiwan dated March 2011 listed Beitou as a 3-star attraction that combines Tavern Dishes, Nakasi music and a hot spring. Welcome and indulge yourself in the fantastic Tavern Dishes and distinctive scenic beauty of Beitou!

  • By MRT: Change to MRT Xinbeitou Line at Beitou Station, and get off at Xinbeitou Station

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