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Taipei Beimen Wow Poshtel 台北西門窩青年旅館

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8F., No.42, Hanzhong St., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
NT$1,400 ±



At a stone's throw from Beimen, Taipei's well-preserved ancient North Gate next to the Taipei Main Station traffic hub and shopping area, sits Taiwan's one and only Poshtel, a private boutique hostel for poshpackers. The affordable dormitory-style rooms, compact suites, and public spaces have a modern yet warm design that has been applied throughout the entire vintage hotel dating from the 1970s. 

Spatial artists have enlivened the staircases with 3D murals of famous Taipei landmarks such as the Ningxia Night Market, Beimen North Gate, Xiahai Chenghuang Temple, and the old Dadaocheng port district, making this one of the rare hotels that makes you feel you're in Taipei, even when you've stepped inside.
Taipei Beimen Wow Poshtel

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  • Aneeka A

    Glasgow, Reino Unido

    Traveler type:

    En solitario

    Location is good


    Decent hostel, beds are good, security is good, beds are private and bathrooms are maintained. Staff are not very friendly and didn't find that there was an amazing vibe in the hostel (but not a bad one). One night it was Baltic in the room but they turned the AC down the next night. After I checked out they kept my backpack for a few hours and let me use the facilities which was great. The location is excellent, in the middle of a fun area, close to the MRT and generally in the centre of the city. If you're looking for it, look for a vertical sign which is in amongst other signs! (The hostel is in a building with other businesses in the building inc a darkly lit function room and a dodgy looking hotel, but I didn't feel unsafe there, it was just amusing!)
  • erikpaolo09

    Traveler type:

    Con amigos

    A very convenient and strategic place to crash


    Location, location, location. The best thing about Ximen WOW Hostel is the location. It is right smack in the middle of the Ximending area, and a short couple of minutes walk from the Ximending MRT Station. I just needed a place to crash, sleep, and store my stuff while I was out almost the entire day traveling and stuff, and this is a very nice place to stay. It is a mixed-gender dorm type of accommodations, with as much as 16 beds to a room bunking up together. You get your own small locker (enough to fit a large backpack or a small luggage) to go along with your bunk bed, but it has enough space for you to move around (especially if you're a small, 5' 1" guy like me). The bathrooms and toilets are common, and a little cramped, but hey, it's Taiwan, they make use of every nook and cranny they can squeeze money and utility on. Breakfast is available - the usual cereals and toast and spreads - and eggs that you need to cook for yourself. The kitchen is cramped as well - it doesn't give much room for more than one person at a time to use, two if they're really chummy with each other - but again, not too much trouble for the prices that they charge you. There is coffee and hot chocolate and tea available as well. The common area is very spacious though, with a nice balcony as well. The thing is that it is tricky to find within Ximending because the hostel occupies an entire floor of a very busy building in a very busy part of the area. The biggest landmark is Uniqlo. Once you're there, it's just a few meters away. You need to look up to see the sign. Again, this is one of those places which if you just need a place to crash, freshen up, and keep your things and you'll be out for like 16 to 18 hours of the day, this is an ideal place to be. And it's within Ximending, which is already an area in Taipei where there's lots and lots of things happening around within the vicinity, and very accessible to public transportation if you need to go further.
  • travelwithcarlo

    Londres, Reino Unido

    Traveler type:

    En solitario

    The best location


    Located in the young cool area of the city; ximen. the wow hostel is perfectly positioned for you to explore this the most vibrant area of taipei.. ROOMS The rooms are set out with beds in a capsule style with full curtains for privacy, electrical outlet, light & electric locker that is super secure. I stayed in both one of the larger & smaller dorms. COMMON AREAS A nice compact common area with small sofa & dining table but the best part of this area has to be the balcony it has lots of spaces and offers views of the ximen district & beyond. Bathrooms offer individual privacy with shower, sinks & mirror all in your own private shower room. SERVICES A simple but good breakfast is offered free for you every morning. eggs are also available for you to cook too if you want to rustle up some french toast. The staff are super friendly & super happy to help with all your questions. A computer is on standby if you don’t have your own & the wifi is super fast here. LOCATION Based in ximen this is one of the busiest & I have to say coolest areas in the city. it’s where all the young people hangout & the hostel is located right in the middle of it. Just step outside the door and find yourself in the heart of this super vibrant area.
  • irenzr

    Bangkok, Tailandia

    Traveler type:

    En familia

    Okay for simple stay


    Location is great, located exactly in the middle of Ximending area, about 5 minutes walk to MRT Ximen. Balcony is cool, nice atmosphere and good for chilling. Everything looks smaller than what we expected. We barely able to open our middle-sized luggage in the room, and when we do it no one can walk in or out. This is our last place to stay after half-month traveling around Taiwan so we have a lot of luggage which made us real hard time to pack it the last night due to limited space. It is a bit noisy at night, the door is also making loud noise every time someone go in or out of the room (with the most effort to keep it quiet, it still sound like BANG!). Security locker is provided for each bed, some of them detached. Please noted that locker is not big enough for middle-sized luggage and is not really safe because I once accidentally able to open it even without a key card. Common area is cramped, the same for cooking area that could fit only one people at a time while everything (dishes and knives/forks/spoons, trash bin, electric stove and washing sink) is there. We lose 1 hour every morning just to queue up to use a dirty oven, cook and then clean. Not enough sitting space, some people have to go out and do sunbath while having breakfast at the balcony. Toilet is smelly, bathroom area is in an open space at the back of the floor where sometimes water flooded out. Staff was nice but not impressive, not really helpful. I have to leave very early before 4AM but staff insisted that he can only book/call us a cab to airport, or we have to walk all the way to main street to catch one by ourselves. It's more like they're just there doing their job, I don't feel anything more from them.
  • Jumhie

    Singapore, Singapore

    Traveler type:

    Friends getaway

    WOW in Ximen Wow Hostel!


    It’s my second time in Taiwan, the first being 8 years ago. It’s my first time attending gay pride and I had a tiring but amazing time. It’s such a wonderful memory for me. In order to make the trip memorable, my friend booked a hostel in the heart of the busy city. He made all the reservations and itineraries, all I had to do is be there. It’s my second time being in a hostel, and being in another one is as pleasant as the first. Location: Ximen Wow Hostel is just a few walking distance from Ximen Station. You need to take Exit 6. It’s very convenient and strategic as it’s in the middle of everything! It’s in the 8th floor of a not so new building. 7/11, street food, shopping, Red House, bars, food, you name it it’s within proximity. Unit Price: The price is considerably cheap and reasonable even if it’s considered at its peak because of the pride. You can check their website for pricing. Unit Space: I’ve already set my expectations low so I’m pretty happy with my space. It’s like a box, but enough for me to sleep and spread my arms and legs. I only use it to sleep anyways. In a room there is about 10 units (boxes) of different sizes. Bed: Quite comfortable. Like what I said about space, I already set my expectations low so I wasn’t disappointed with my bed. The sheet is white clean and odourless. Aircon: Just nice. The weather is cold and can be chilling at some point at night so aircon need not be very cold. You cannot adjust it though as it’s centralized. Water Pressure: The toilets and showers are in a common area. The pressure is good. When I discovered hot water I’m already relieved. :) Internet: Quite strong. I can video stream and use social apps with no problem. There are just a few weak spots like if you’re in the balcony (yes it has a balcony) or in the shower (of course). Room Service: Everything is self service so you better wash your own cup that you used for coffee or something. Clean as you go. However there was 1 cleaning auntie that’s kind enough to wash our plates. To show our gratitude, we gave her our receipts (it has some kind of lottery so though pretty slim, she has chances of winning some money). Hospitality: This is the game changer. Whenever I find the staffs friendly, accommodating, cheerful, vibrant, I instantly love the place. In our closeness with them we even get to hang out, drink, talk till wee hours, and be comfortable with one another. We are no longer customers and staffs, we’ve gain new friends to cherish and look forward to see on our next visit. Recommendation: I will definitely recommend this place for people who are on a budget, who are adventurous, sociable, open minded(?) and most importantly true to themselves. This place is LGBTQ friendly. If you don’t mind some noise (as this place is in a very crowded, vibrant location even during sleeping time), this place is for you. + small lockers + hair dryers + laundry service + iron + free mini breakfast + coffee + balcony + fridge

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