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The Fluid Field of Memory

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Post date:2018-06-05



The Fluid Field of Memory
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NO.39 Chang-An West Road, Datong Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
Time is a both concrete and abstract concept that moves in a linear fashion, and our past forms and finds a place in the fluid temporal progress. Long or short, continuous or fragmented, momentary perception coagulates into the vivid or blurry faces of memory, and those describable or ambiguous memories outline the perceptual map of the fluid time while our existence slowly lingers or rapidly expands on the boundary.

The image one sees at one moment soon becomes the memory at the next. The sense of time is also a very important part in the expression of video art. Therefore, this exhibition brings together the video art and the sense of time to explore how “memory,” informed with the sense of time, is perceived and gathered as a recognizable or unknown field of memory in the fluid time and space.

In Liquid Scene, Ding Chien-Chung uses kinetic device to create panoramic scans of space, viewing it as the subject and capturing its various looks and rich memory through the interstices of light and shadow. Chen Han-Sheng’s Disappearing Paddy Field revisits sentimental moments that have taken place between himself and his family, responding to that green field in memory that seems to be calling his name through the image of paddy fields and scarecrows. With the stream of flying white paper on the sea, KUO I-Chen’s Introduction visualizes the fading time with concrete images to expresses the sorrow and mourning in life.


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