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Post date:2018-10-11



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迪化街一段, Datong Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C

TTTIFA's main theme is the spirit of “Kyousou (狂騷) Twenties,” the Japanese translation of the “Roaring Twenties," the phrase coined in the West to describe flourishing economic times and cultural innovations, embodied in the Art Deco movement and emergence of jazz music during the 1920s. "Kyousou" literally means "madness" and "disturbance," but we like to interpret this word as "creativity." As the spirit of the "Roaring Twenties" tapped into a reactionary energy to challenge traditional norms and spark social change, we look forward to what will emerge during the 2020s.

【Time Machine Theater-1920s Costume Parade】
In the 1920s, Dadaocheng was experiencing great prosperity. Can you imagine what it was like?

Jazz music flowed from phonographs. The well-to-do, dressed in Western-style clothing, sat in cafes discussing topics related to democracy and freedom. The Yongle Market bustled with crowds and the shouts of peddlers selling produce. Children just out of school for the day devoured bowls of noodles at food stalls. On buses, people pulled a cord twice to ring a bell and the ticket taker gently asked the driver to make a stop.

Shops selling teas and traditional Chinese herbs are commonplace in present-day Dadaocheng. However, a century ago, there were hair salons and clothing boutiques considered modern and fashionable for the time. Stores selling various sundries and live theaters also lined the streets. Although modern life has taken root in Dadaocheng, the spirit of Taiwan’s history and the local culture live on.

In 2018, the Yongle Market Plaza is transformed into the Time Machine Theater, which re-creates scenes from that era. Bring your roaring 20s spirit and dress up in costumes reminiscent of that era, as you get ready to travel back in time to Dadaocheng’s heyday!

2018-10-14 (Sun) 14:00:00

Starting Point for Parade│
MRT Beimen Station Exit 3

Dress Code│
Don a straw hat, Shanghai-style qipao or Chinese-style button-down jacket over a pleated skirt. In 1920s Dadaocheng, it was common to see a mix of Chinese and Western-style clothing.
【Open-Air Performances】
The purpose of this market is to showcase talent as a platform of the Tua-Tiu-Tiann International Festival of Arts. We invite you to perform and fulfill your long-held desire to be on stage. You are also welcome to be a spectator and admire the talents of each performer. Stay awhile to support the performers and applaud their efforts.

Along Dihua Street, shops selling traditional Chinese herbs, teas and fabrics are common, as are traces of its history as a once prosperous trading area. Arts and cultural activities flourished in Dadaocheng, and it became known as “theater cave”, due to the large number of live performance venues. The Open-Air Performances includes theater, music, dance and acrobatics performances, as well as visual arts exhibitions and cross-disciplinary productions. These are presented over two afternoons along Dihua Street. Here, time and applause are exchanged for the talents of performers and lively street scenes are created.

2018/10/27 (Sat) 14:30-17:30 & 2018/10/28 (Sun) 14:30-17:30


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