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2019 Taipei Fringe Festival

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Post date:2019-08-19



2019 Taipei Fringe Festival
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Event Location
, Beitou Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
★ In Scotland, the Fringe Festival’s scope surpasses
that of the Edinburgh International Festival.
★ In Provence, the Off Festival is what makes the Festival d’Avignon shine.
★ In Formosa, the Taipei Fringe Festival is the pride of Asia!

In the overall structure of cultural environment, urban culture plays an important role. Aside from mainstream arts performance in pop culture, there are also other alternative, non-mainstream, experimental art performances that are an integral of shaping the unique qualities of urban culture. The goal of the Taipei Fringe Festival is to provide a platform for liberating art from the theatre space. Instead, art can be performed in galleries, parks, coffee shops and other spaces of public life, allowing for the occurrence of all kinds of small-scale performance art pieces or installations. Through this mechanism, more people can come to understand that art does not just derive from elitism, but can also be the product of everyday lives; anyone can enthusiastically display their creative passions.

The concept of the “fringe festival” originated in 1947 during the Edinburgh International Festival in England, when eight arts groups who were not invited to participate in the festival decided to create their own event to rival the International Festival. As a result of their willingness to do away with mainstreamism and celebrate the independent spirit, their event, “The Fringe”, quickly earned the respect of artists around the world, and in the 60-plus years since then, the Fringe Festival has become the most popular arts movement of all time.   The celebration of new sources of creativity, perpetually supporting new talents, and a free and open culture are the most significant aspects of Fringe's widespread development. From 2008 and onward, “Taipei Fringe Festival”, in accordance with its open and welcoming philosophy, has held non-juried admissions processes where applications are neither judged nor rejected.   Daring to sign up is all that's needed to become an artist in this outstanding new domain. Because performances vary greatly in both content and presentation, there are many surprises to be had in admiring the various exhibitions of the Festival. Audience members through their attendance and support of all kinds of new performance concepts become integral members of the community and together with the artists define the courageous independent spirit that unites the festival.

Taipei Fringe Festival, on the basis of fueling society's collective energy, continues to pursue the route of offering non-traditional venues that will inspire and excite performer's creative abilities while simultaneously provoking art in a way that penetrates all strata of society. This year many new venues are situated within Taipei's more residential neighborhoods, surrounded by complex networks of intersecting alleys and lanes. Pass the outdoor vegetable market, circumnavigate several small alleys, climb a small hill, walk to the riverside; Taipei Fringe Festival's scope extends to the city limits! Utilizing such a multi-faceted collection of venues works to expand our creative limits, thus increasing the appeal of the festival. While we don't provide any production funding, all participating artists keep 100% of their ticket sales revenue. In order to increase the convenience of buying tickets for our audiences, artists will all be using the same ticketing system, which also provides more opportunities for cooperation between artists.

2019's 12th Annual Taipei Fringe Festival will be staged between August 24th and September 8th. We are looking forward to the lustrous displays of creativity each artist will bring to the stage: Giving it all they've got and exhaustively filling Taipei's far corners with their artistic creations.

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