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10X10 Fun Taipei – Splendid National Day Parade Float Carnival

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Post date:2019-10-17



10X10 Fun Taipei – Splendid National Day Parade Float Carnival
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No. 21, Zhongshan S. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
The 10X10 Fun Taipei – Splendid National Day Parade Float Carnival has kicked off! After participating in the National Day parade, 23 themed floats from around the country will rally at Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hal for a joint exhibition. Besides upgrading the most popular Bravo themed area from last year, other activities include collection points to redeem for gifts and uninterrupted stage performances, creating a lively atmosphere at the exhibition area day and night.

The opening ceremony in the evening of October 10 was hosted by the recipient of the 54th Broadcasting Golden Bell Awards Chen Ming-chu. Dignitaries including Taipei City Deputy Mayor Tsai Ping-kun, Minister of the Interior Hsu Kuo-yung, National Immigration Agency Director-General Chiu Feng-kuang, City Councilors Kuo Chao-yen and Hou Han-ting, and Taipei City Government’s Department of Information and Tourism Commissioner Liu Yi-ting lit the lights on all of the floats to raise the curtain for the 11-day exhibition. The event also saw large numbers of participants.

The 10X10 Fun Taipei – Splendid National Day Parade Float Carnival kicked off at 19:00 at the Democracy Boulevard of Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall. According to Deputy Mayor Tsai, the sunny weather is perfect to celebrate the nation’s birthday. With 23 themed floats rallying at the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, Taipei City Government has specially organized exciting activities over 11 days that include a wide range of specialty markets, bravo section (a favorite among parents and their children) turning the venue into a vibrant carnival day and night. Each float is supported by a plethora of wonderful activities that must be seen to be appreciated, so citizens from around Taiwan are invited to join the fun during the long weekend.

Minister of the Interior Hsu expressed that he is glad to see floats from around Taiwan and enthusiastic citizens come together in celebration of the country’s birthday. Each of the 23 floats offer distinct features that are indicative of Taiwan’s ethnic diversity, and it is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to become familiar with the unique characteristics of the country! It is hoped that citizens can make good use of the long weekend and feel the event’s bustling vibe!

The opening evening party started with a percussion performance from Taipei Ching Ho Kuang Lion Dance Troupe as the curtain-raiser, followed by a performance by Wild Fire Music (led by Chen Yung-lung), whose powerful singing and captivating melodies compose songs that are dedicated to Taiwan. The encore and chorus of The Moon Represents My Heart left a romantic memory in everyone’s hearts.

The piece de resistance is the classical music brought by Taipei Symphony Orchestra, which has just celebrated its 50th birthday. Its mesmerizing performance has created an immersive aural feast for the audience and set the tone for the festival on the opening day.

Aside from markets, Pancar food trucks, and challenge games that are closely associated with the local business district, the Bravo themed area has been given an upgrade in order to let both adults and children experience its charms. There is also a pop-up post office, and visitors who have taken a photo of the bravo theme area and checked in will receive an exclusive postcard and Bravo postmark. A total of 4 different postmarks and 2 postcards have been designed for the event, and the postcards can be mailed onsite free of charge. For the challenge games, citizens are invited to experience the fun of Taipei by collecting points while exploring the exhibition area. Furthermore, to support environmental protection, the point collection activity will be conducted in the form of electronic stamps on the LINE app, where visitors who have collected 3 points will be given a set of limited-edition Bravo coasters.

Over the next 10 days, talented young artists such as Canace, PEACEJing, Pia, Gin’’s Can, and Sean Huang will be invited to take to the stage, while children’s idol Daniel Lee as well as the World Clown Association Convention champion will enjoy a fun-filled afternoon tea with the children in attendance. Other activities include a Chinese orchestral performance by the Taipei Chinese Orchestra, a Taiwan folk group from Paraguay’s unique Danza de Botella, diverse cultural performances from new residents, busking, as well as multilingual performances by senior high school and vocational high schools in Taipei City. Their rich, diverse performances not only embody the cultural soft power of Taiwan but also allow tourists from home and abroad celebrate the Double Tenth long weekend together!

Today’s sunny weather has drawn a large number of people coming to the park to admire the floats and take photos with their families. If you are interested in the event, take advantage of the pleasant weather during the long weekend, or else you will have to wait another year!

For the event program and other related information, please refer to Taipei Travel  or the official event website .

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