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The Future Is Now – The 20th Anniversary of Taipei LGBT Civil Rights Activities

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Post date:2019-11-05



The Future Is Now – The 20th Anniversary of Taipei LGBT Civil Rights Activities
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Xinyi VieShow Cinemas Square, Xinyi Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
The year 2019 marks the first year of same-sex marriage in Taiwan, and it coincides with the 20th anniversary of Taipei LGBT Civil Rights Activities. Taipei City Government’s Department of Civil Affairs, Marriage Equality Coalition Taiwan, and Taiwan LGBT Family Rights Advocacy will be co-hosting the Future Is Now – The 20th Anniversary of Taipei LGBT Civil Rights Activities at Xinyi VieShow Cinemas Square from October 23 to November 13. The nighttime lights will be turned on until 9 PM, and everyone is welcome to attend the activity for free.

The future is now; hence the exhibition adopts the theme of “The future we once thought was impossible is already here, so let us envision the future now”. At the same time, large installations in the form of 6 large letters TAIPEI can be seen at the venue, while an illustrator has been invited to draw the caricatured figure known as An, who is an LGBT citizen living in Taipei City. Adorable illustrations serve to present An’s life over the past 2 decades, acting as an epitome of the annual Taipei LGBT Civil Rights Activities and important LGBT movements.

Through endearing illustrations and simple yet dramatic words, the organizer wishes to depict the magnificence and sorrow of LGBT citizens over the last 2 decades, allowing more people to appreciate the struggle of the LGBT movement over the years. Today, LGBT citizens may register for marriage. For this year’s activity, the organizer has returned to the venue of the first Taipei LGBT Civil Rights Activities, where 6 sets of street furniture are used to encourage public interaction in an interesting manner, so that they may look back at the Taipei LGBT Civil Rights Activities over the past 20 years and see how the movement has accompanied the LGBT in Taipei City during the 2-decade struggle.

Coinciding with the 17th Taiwan LGBT Pride parade, many foreign tourists will be coming to Taipei, therefore the organizer has specially prepared online guided tours and information to let them understand the history of the LGBT movement in Taiwan. During the parade, by taking a photo in front of the main visual display, checking-in and uploading the photo to FB or IG with #The20thAnniversaryofTaipeiLGBTCivilRightsActivities #GenderfriendlyInclusiveTaipei, you will receive a limited-edition Strive for May 24 – Love is the Greatest handmade soap gift set, while stocks last.


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