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Dwell in Light-2021 Treasure Hill Light Festival

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Post date:2021-04-08



Dwell in Light-2021 Treasure Hill Light Festival
Event Time
Closed on Monday
Event Location
No. 2, Aly. 14, Ln. 230, Sec. 3, Tingjhou Rd.(Treasure Hill Artist Village), Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
The perception of a home can be passed on, and memories and emotions are often resurrected through the surroundings and objects. Home can be a place, but it can also be a person. Home extends life and embodies the desire to leave and to return. The 2021 Treasure Hill Light Festival is structured through three perspectives: “The Thoughts of the Individual,” “The Shape of Home,” and “The Realm of Nature.” Each subtopic corresponds to the different definitions of home that artists present based on their memories of family life and personal experiences, and explores the role of human individuals in a spatial context and in a community. The three perspectives are interpretations of the ever-changing states and multidimensional relationships between individuals and their dwellings.

洪鈞元 HONG Jun-Yuan
顧廣毅 KU Kuang-Yi
洪梓倪 HUNG Tzu-Ni
陳家翊 CHEN Chia-Yi
林瑜亮 LIN Yu-Liang
張乃仁 CHANG Nai-Ren
王宇光 x 微光製造 WANG Yeu-Kwn x Shimmering Production
林明彥 LIN Ming-Yan
蔡宜婷 TSAI Yi-Ting
莊志維 CHUANG Chih-Wei
姚仲涵 YAO Chung-Han
輕量級 – 跨校協作工作營 Light Weight - Crossing Universities Work Camp
臺北市影視音實驗教育機構 Taipei Media School
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Exhibition Dates//2021.3.27(Sat.) - 2021.5.9(Sun.) (Closed on Monday)
Open Time/11:00 - 22:00
Venue/ / Treasure Hill Artist Village


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