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Art Histories of a Forever War: Modernism between Space and Home

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Post date:2021-10-25



Art Histories of a Forever War: Modernism between Space and Home
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No.181, Sec. 3, Zhongshan N. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
The exhibition is an exploration of  modern art in postwar Taiwan and the enduring resonances of this historical milieu. Paying tribute to a generation of pioneer practitioners in Taiwan art history who crystalised modern art through a series of artistic breakthroughs and debates, the exhibition foregrounds the modern art masterpieces housed in the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, including works of Li Yuan-Chia, Chin Sung, Liu Kuo-Sung, Hsiao Chin, Lee Shi-Chi, and Han Hsiang-Ning as well as works by modernist architects Wang Da Hong and Chen Chi-Kwan. Presented alongside archives and modern artworks, research-based artworks by Erika Tan (Singapore/United Kingdom), Sung Tieu (Vietnam/Germany), Maria Taniguchi (Philippines), Yin-Ju Chen (Taiwan), Prajakta Potnis (India), Aya Rodriguez-Izumi (Okinawaa/USA) Doris Wong Wai Yin (Hong Kong), Writing FACTory (Taiwan) in collaboration with Joy Ho (Singapore) and Joanne Ho (Singapore), and Yee I-Lann (Borneo) explicates the lacunas of ‘modern’ history. From household objects to the museum collection, the exhibition points to the persistent legacy of a forever war that emerged from the Cold War convergence of art, design and technology and which continue to define how we imagine better living, a homeland and making this planet home.


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