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Post date:2021-10-25



Save as
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NO.39,Chang-An West Road, Datong Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
During the 2014 Sunflower Movement, in which the Legislative Yuan was occupied from March 18 onward, the artists and the protestors co-created an architectural model using recycled materials that simulated the site of protests. The model was viewed as an object of memorabilia and kept until the movement was over. Years later, the artists have based on this model and successively developed two works, respectively entitled Paper Architecture and Save as.

In 2019, Liao Xuan-Zhen and Huang I-Chieh brought the dilapidated model back to Qingdao East Road. After being repaired onsite, the model was exhibited and later put onto a recycle truck. This action of revisiting the movement’s site was photographed by artist Lee Hsu-Pin and made into Paper Architecture. Afterwards, the artists collaborated with architect Lee Chia-Hua and co-planned an architectural proposal to reconstruct the chamber of the Legislative Yuan, using photos of the legislative chamber during the occupation as their material to produce a digital architectural model—this has become the work, Save as. Artist Hsu Yen-Ting, on the other hand, utilized the scraps gathered by the artists as her material to produce sounds. Starting from the residuals of the social movement, these two artworks have garnered a consistent energy of resistance through a dialectic between renunciation and preservation as well as deconstruction and construction.

This art series originates from the artists’ reflection on the Sunflower Movement. Having fostered a radical imagination of the society, this social energy was soon contained by representative democracy after the protestors withdrew. The energy of the social movement has then been held hostage by identity politics and its survival space robbed by developmentalism—these are what the movement has faced after the occupation ended. The two works featured in this exhibition are the artists’ creative response informed by their contemplation on the voice and position of creators as well as their aesthetic stance throughout this process.


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