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Beyond Chaos - Lien-cheng Wang Solo Exhibition

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Post date:2022-01-20



Beyond Chaos - Lien-cheng Wang Solo Exhibition
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No.181, Sec. 3, Zhongshan N. Rd.,, Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
Beyond Chaos is the first solo exhibition for the 2018 Taipei Art Award winner Lien-cheng Wang at this museum. Chaos theory explores behaviors in dynamic systems that are explained by data relationships, such as global weather forecasts. Another example is leaves falling from a tree. If all the variables are controlled, we will discover that their trajectories, although appearing random, are actually predictable. 

This artist regards current society, which has been co-constructed with technology, as chaotic and attempts to capture the relationships between will and power. For example, technology and machines were originally designed for human use. However, tech giants are profiting from algorithms and the collection of big data and highly differentiated messages and content are being posted on social media platforms, influencing users’ psychological state, behaviors, and decision-making. Within this chaos, there are mutual advantages for those who are serving and those who are being served, resulting in the trading of currency and human nature and the manipulation of will and behavior. Wang’s Beyond Chaos describes the interactions, learning, and expansion of boundaries between humans and technology in terms of human-machine interfaces. Moreover, he proposes this question: What are the key variables that will shape the future of mankind?

During this exhibition, just as in contemporary society, there are interactions betweens humans and machines, as Wang presents five automated installations. With three programs and sets of keywords, Horizon – Sea, Sphere-Sun, and Vertical-Forest, an endless source of dynamic images is produced from Internet searches, forming a metaverse based on the sharing nature of the Internet. Worker Bees consists of unmanned aerial vehicles which take off and land at varying intervals and interact with other works and visitors, revealing the intermediary roles of machines in our daily lives and representing the unclear intentions of monitoring and control in the information society. Artificial Waterfall is a popcorn waterfall created from corn starch and the application of 3D printing technology. In this installation, the artist proposes the possibilities for use of genetically modified corn in the circular economy. In Summoners, mobile phones, electromagnetic sensing device, sound, and light are used to present a digital summoning ritual that serves as a metaphor for our daily lives. Finally, Equality Plan is a microcosm of a stock exchange. On many levels, artificial intelligence is the key factor in the intensification of capitalism. 

Technology is like black magic in terms of aiding the progress of human civilization. With the implementation of social innovation, the future of mankind has become more unpredictable. Through this exhibition, Wang reminds us that as technology and people are intertwined and the boundaries of consciousness are expanded, we need to think about where we focus our attention, clicks, and time, as well as about the transfer of all kinds of power.

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