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10,000 Flowers

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Post date:2022-09-15



10,000 Flowers
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No.180, Fuhua Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
“The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old are dying and the new cannot be born.”
–Antonio Gramsci

“Let one hundred flowers bloom, let one hundred thoughts contend.”
–Mao Zedong

“We must blossom everywhere.”

“Artist as citizen. Artworld as nation.”
–Con Cabrera

In this period of interregnum—the in-between of two phases—crises persist as unspeakable acts find homes in the hearts of a few while affecting the lives of the many. Two years into a global pandemic, how should one act when the next crises are always promised soon enough? How does one navigate the increasingly digitizing world, peddled by corporations and nation-states, while tethered to a laboring corporeal body? As conflicts arise from the prolonged death of the old, how does one address the blooming of the new?

10,000 Flowers puts into dialogue the accounts of 5 artists and 2 art collectives from the Philippines and Taiwan—KoloWn, Li Kuei Pi, Con Cabrera, SAME, Ni Hao, Christina Lopez, and Tambisan sa Sining. It invokes considerations of what freedoms, in its multitudes, exist and what liberties and responsibilities this privilege entails. How can one examine such privileges? Should they be preserved or leveraged so that other flowers may bloom as well? In divining for answers, each artist and collective contribute and converse within a kaleidoscope—significations, affects, struggles bounce around and refract from one to another. 10,000 is the Daoist number representing both the totality of existence and the inconsequentiality of measuring things. Flowers are people, ideas, and life itself. 10,000 Flowers considers the multiplicity within a call for growth, resistance and resilience, and the reconsideration of what constitutes as new during times of struggle and crises.

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