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“Pailang Museum of Settler Colonialism” Project by Wu Chi-Yu

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Post date:2022-09-15



“Pailang Museum of Settler Colonialism” Project by Wu Chi-Yu
Event Time
17:00 - 21:00
Event Location
NO.39,Chang-An West Road, Datong Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
Initiated by Australia’s Campbelltown Arts Centre and City of Melbourne through Arts House, BLEED (Biennial Live Event in the Everyday Digital) is a six-year project exploring how the online and digital culture make us feel.

The year 2022 marks the second iteration of BLEED, and it is co-produced and co-presented by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei (MoCA Taipei), Campbelltown Arts Centre, Arts House, and Taipei Performing Arts Center. It invites artists to respond to the dynamic activities and the problems of borders, exploring the sites of intersection between and within humans, technology, media, history and nationhood, and our emotional, physical and digital geographies. Commissioned by MoCA Taipei, Wu Chi-Yu will be presenting his latest project, Pailang Museum of Settler Colonialism.

Pailang Museum of Settler Colonialism (2022–), or, The Pailang Museum, is a Sinophone media collective that commissions speculative writing, screening programs and decolonial guided tours along with experimental film production. The word pailang is Chinese-Hokkein pronunciation of “villains” commonly used by Taiwanese indigenous groups to call their settler counterpart: Chinese-Formosan.

While pailang is no longer a pejorative term, the settler colonialism structure has persistent effects, and has largely been embedded in the texture of everyday life. With our aim to experiment with a denaturalized presentation of the settler gaze and its historicity, the Pailang Museum serves as an active platform in narrating a plethora of ways in which settler colonial subjects organize land and, as it were, its species.

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