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Post date:2023-02-14



Event Time
Tue. - Sun. 9:30 - 17:30
Event Location
No.181, Sec. 3, Zhongshan N. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
Invited by TFAM to create a project specifically for Space C, the Suho Paper Memorial Museum and Fenko Catalysis Chamber curated this installation highlighting the open and fluid quality of the venue. With its experience in transforming the spirit of sixty years of paper-making history and its inherited educational legacy, Fenko “deploys natural materials as reactants and creative individuals as catalysts to transform ideas, objects, and spatial designs.

Fenko's intent is to respond to the clean geometric forms of TFAM’s modernist design while extending the installation’s Chinese title 崎 (qi, literally “craggy mountains”) with paper skillfully handled and shaped by its production team. By arranging large paper structures, a visual world of rocks is formed where that which is seen as heavy becomes light, and that which seems pliant is actually filled with rigid tension. The perceptions of paper are challenged such that parallel interpretations of reality meet, and unfamiliar sensory experiences arise, thus prompting a rereading of these rock forms.

Paper lies at a boundary between natural and man-made, and when material catalysts and processing intervene, a heterogeneous vocabulary is derived—dyeing, kneading, tearing, folding, sculpting, painting, mounting, drying, and pressing. In these ways, rational and irrational layers are constructed and different textures are combined. The space constructed with paper and different materials allows light shines through the heterogeneous arrangement of its fibers, an effect of instantaneous changes is experienced.

Visitors are invited to explore this world made entirely of paper and submerge themselves on an unknown craggy path. Guided by paper forms or wandering freely, they traverse vast rock formations, shifting colors, and changing textures, which leave conscious and unconscious impressions. While navigating between and interacting with the external physical world and inner psychological space, and encountering varied boundaries between spaces that appear and dissolve, visitors find peace and understanding.

Finally, everything becomes silent, and only gazing eyes share in the wonder of these mountainous forms.

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