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ICING – Chen, Yen-Cheng Solo Exhibition

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Post date:2023-03-03



ICING – Chen, Yen-Cheng Solo Exhibition
Event Time
16:00 - 21:00
Event Location
NO.39,Chang-An West Road, Datong Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
The virtual, flimsy digital world has engaged with people pervasively in a large number of forms and human have become comprehensively habituated to them so much so that they are now part of our reality. These things have developed at a rapid speed in the contemporary era. As time progresses, while we try to grasp the present reality, new systems of the future have been permeating into our lives as well. In turn, we try to cope with the changes, to get used to and to rationalize them.

Uncle Pokémon creates a unique character in our society by playing the online game with a staggering amount of mobile phones simultaneously. He is recorded on the Wikipedia, and his story has been covered by the media. He even received job offers for the matter. However, having carried so much information on himself has led to a state of overload. Facing the enormous wall of mobile phones, his face reveals no joy from playing the online game. Instead, what people perceive on his face is a sense of fatigue. In order to play the game, he owns multiple accounts, which also produces troubles for him as he needs to play multiple characters schizophrenically. Moreover, his bicycle, which was his means of transportation, has lost its practical function. Because of displaying so many mobile phones and carrying the power system, the bicycle has a restricted view and limited mobility. At the same time, its modification has exceeded what the law allows, and thereby lost its function as a means of transportation. As a result, from being a tool of transportation, the bike is now a shelving structure for supporting technological products. In this relationship, the human is relegated; he is deprived of his subjectivity and is turned into a service tool or a mere activation code for initiating a series of different levels in the game.

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