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Where is EIZO-ZIMA going? Where are we going¿ YAMAUCHI Shota solo exhibition

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Post date:2023-05-23



Where is EIZO-ZIMA going? Where are we going¿ YAMAUCHI Shota solo exhibition
Event Time
Tue.-Sun. 11:00-19:00
Event Location
No. 180, Fuhua Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
This exhibition is my first overseas exhibition.

My previous representative works were metaphorized as an “island” as I put them on par for large-scale device deployment.

From El Condor Pasa (コンドルは飛んで行く) in 2015 to The Planet of Faces (カオの惑星) released in MAM project+digital at the Mori Art Museum in 2022, I revitalized the DAC space with the the forms of exhibition and the works’ transformations in type. Thus, in this exhibition, each of the independent works can keep its individualities while creating a harmonious universe, a circle. 

The audience can appreciate the works from the perspective on the central “island” and deciding their island-hopping trips with their eyes. They are in charge of their next destination of the trip. They can start with whichever island, stay on the same island, or take repeated round-island trips. Either is fine.

The exhibition theme “Where is EIZO-ZIMA going? Where are we going¿” is a modified quote from a line of an old Japanese anime theme song. The phrase is also the concretized image of the attitude “ ‘images’ are the basic materials for creations”. In fact, I consider my creative actions as a “journey”, while the final works – records of the journey’s evolvement – the journey’s development records – are also the main visuals of this exhibition, and my mind map.

Attainable with vision, but untouchable. We’re clearly approaching it but the distance remains the same. It’s like the mirage images, inviting me to a never-ending journey. Therefore, I will forever look forward to the mirage, dreaming that one day, my skin will be in direct contact with the contour of the images so that I can continue the journey.

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