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Kialreba Returning Wutai

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Post date:2023-09-11



Kialreba Returning Wutai
Event Time
Tue.-Sun.: 9:30 am-5 pm
Event Location
No. 2, Xiangyang Road, Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
This exhibition consists of six sections, presenting different aspects of Rukai material culture from the perspectives of the symbol of the Rukai lily, male weapons, women's woven textiles and ornaments, carved pillars and eaves, rattan containers, and ritual vessels. This is not just a reunion of Rukai material culture, but also the "revival" and "rediscovery" of Rukai's traditional wisdom.

On 2021/22, the special exhibition of "Lawbubulu, Treasures of Rukai: Homecoming of Century-old Artifacts of the National Taiwan Museum and Wutai Township" jointly organized by the Rukai Culture Museum (RCM) in Wutai Township and National Taiwan Museum (NTM) opened at the Rukai Culture Museum and was well-received by the public. On 2023, the special exhibition of "Kialreba, Returning Wutai: Dialogue Between NTM & Contemporary Rukai", the follow-up exhibition which include Rukai collections from the NTM, RCM, Wutai communities and the Anthropology Museum of National Taiwan University (NTU) open at the NTM of Taipei.

Rukai is a tribe that valued blood relationship. This value was reflected, like image from a concentric circle, on the clearly marked relative-visiting customs. The Rukai relative-visiting customs range from the closest blood kin to relatives from the fourth generation and is divided into three levels: Ngiabwale, Mwaridane and Kialreba. The exhibits from the present exhibition which came from different sources, are just like family kinsman spreading across generations and reunion hundred years later at the Kialreba ceremony.

"Kialreba, Returning Wutai: Dialogue Between NTM & Contemporary Rukai" displays a total of 150 Rukai artifacts, including 63 objects from the NTM Collection, 19 from the Rukai Culture Museum in Wutai Township, 67 on loan from the Rukai tribe and 1 carved wooden eave from the Anthropology Museum of NTU. It is regarded as the largest exhibition of Rukai artifacts in recent years, which is of great significance.

The National Taiwan Museum and the Rukai Culture Museum in Wutai Township have curated this exhibition for four years (2017-21). The whole project is a long process of exhibition production and a process of shared learning and in-depth dialogue about indigenous knowledge and artifact experience among the tribe, the local museum, and the national museum. This process of equal sharing/collaborative dialogue and learning between both parties is also the vital significance of this exhibition.

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