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Across The Ocean – Taiwan’s Migratory Birds

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Post date:2023-09-13



Across The Ocean – Taiwan’s Migratory Birds
Event Time
Tue.-Sun. 9:30 am-5 pm
Event Location
No. 2, Xiangyang Road, Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
Taiwan’s unique geographical position and diverse ecology make it an important stop or destination for many migratory bird species. Some common bird species in Taiwan are migratory. Let’s follow these birds on their journey!

1. Overview:

Birds are the only animals in existence with feathers and their skeleton has evolved for flight. Accompanied by a highly efficient respiratory system, most birds fly freely, reaching every corner of the earth to increase their chances for survival.

2. Embarking on a journey:

Migration is a phenomenon in which groups of animals move back and forth between two places on a regular basis, usually along a fixed route. Migration is a crucial behavior that birds have evolved for their survival in order to adapt to seasonal changes in the environment.

3. Travel news:

For tens of millions of years, migratory birds have traveled according to the changing seasons. As such, they have witnessed the earth’s geographical changes. However, the rise of human activities has made their journeys fraught with dangers.

4. End of a journey:

Due to factors such as climate change and adaptation to the environment, some migratory birds have become resident birds. There have also been cases of resident birds becoming migratory birds.

5. Thoughts and actions:

As we near the end of this exhibition, what else can we do for these friends that have come from afar? Providing suitable habitats is the best suggestion. This does not have to be difficult. There are ways in which we can participate in this effort through "citizen science”.

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