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Haze:Hung Chien-Hui Solo Exhibition

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Post date:2024-02-16



Haze:Hung Chien-Hui Solo Exhibition (02.21 - 03.24.2024)
Event Time
Mon. - Sun. 11:00 - 19:00
Event Location
7-2, Red Brick District West, No. 1, Section 1, Bade Road,, Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
Dona Art holds a solo exhibition of ink artist Hong Qianhui, launching a new series of 23 works. The title of the exhibition "Mist" is a metaphor for a subtle vision, and also points out the distance between people and the environment, and between people, which seems both close and far away. Hong Qianhui compares the act of daily creation with writing a diary, and the diary can be regarded as a kind of letter that will constantly return to itself. In addition to the representation of characters, this exhibition also displays the full picture of "Mist" through the representation of plants. "Dormantic Period I" and "Dormantic Period II" connect the other works in this exhibition in terms of naming. , the dormant period is a symbol of temporary suspension and termination. The phenomenon in the psychological space is cut out by the creator as a time and space different from reality. We can say that these works are based on the extension of the same perceptual context.

In Hong Qianhui's recent works, the colors are light and clear, and the shape and meaning of the human body are light. The psychological space hidden in the brushwork is one of the key points of expression, such as "Here Is There I" and "Here Is That II". In this work, the characters’ awkward postures and hand movements show a certain kind of distress and anxiety, and the proportion of the characters in the picture makes the background, the “psychological space”, seem to be filled and constructed from the gaps, surrounded by the vague mountains. Down below, the ground you can stand on gives people a feeling of being cramped. At the same time, the picture always seems to have an invisible line of sight directed at the characters in the painting, so that even though they are in a virtual space, their subconscious is still revealed through the body language. A slight feeling of discomfort. Another work that also presents a similar temperament is "Misty Forest". The figure surrounded by flowers also shows an emotion that is difficult to define. A sense of security and a certain lack coexist in the perceptual experience of this work. It creates a field where daily memories are occupied, where innocent but regretful cries are bound; a field where the physical body inhabits is surrounded by countless bodies waiting to be touched, like a certain person, or like what the creator sees in the mirror. of myself.

Hong Qianhui has the beauty and keen sensibility that an artist should have. We can also see that in her creative practice, she eliminates the boundaries between daily life and her own art. When viewing Hong Qianhui's works, she walks through seemingly similar ones one after another. But a different psychological space. Daily life does not appear repeatedly, and the creator is by no means engaged in an endless self-conversation. At the same time, he is solving riddles in the process of weaving riddles. In all emotional bifurcations, it will always be transferred to the appropriate time. In the hands of the recipient/viewer.

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