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Rebellious Generation—The Construct and Creation of the Creator:Liou Shiuan Shi Solo Exhibition

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Post date:2024-06-25



Rebellious Generation—The Construct and Creation of the Creator:Liou Shiuan Shi Solo Exhibition
Event Time
Tue. - Sat. 10:00 -18:30
Event Location
1F., No. 222, Shidong Rd, Shilin Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
From “Reanimation” to “Creation”: The Rebellion and Transformation in Liou Shiuan Shi’s Art

Roland Barthes, in his book Camera Lucida, described his shock upon seeing a photograph of Napoleon’s brother: “I saw the eyes that had seen the Emperor.” This experience connected him across time, linking the unseen photographer and observer who were nonetheless present.

A similar sensation occurs when viewing Liou Shiuan Shi’s works, assembled from various antique parts. However, while Barthes’ experience was a return to the past, Liou’s reassembly and reshaping of historical remnants evoke a broader, more intense sense of the era.

Liou Shiuan Shi’s solo exhibition, “Rebellious Generation—The Construct and Creation of the Creator,” represents a “rebellion” against the timeline, journeying through significant historical periods, such as the WWII technological era. Liou is particularly drawn to the aesthetics born from mechanical gears and wartime innovations, leading him to collect military items and create works like “Calculator,” “Navigator,” and “Sighting Device.” This rebellion also reflects Liou’s divergence from the conventional path of formal art education and competitions. Instead, his expertise in mechanics and optoelectronics, combined with his innate aesthetic sense, has paved a unique creative path.

The exhibition features series such as “19th Century Laboratory,” “WWII Technology,” and “Space Exploration,” continuing his integration of retro machinery and futuristic technology, merging historical imprints with memories. Additionally, this exhibition intertwines classic art and archaeological artifacts: pieces like “Mechanical City,” “Crane,” and “Textile Age,” inspired by Da Vinci’s manuscripts, employ elements like water power and brass arms, showcasing his distinct approach from those who reappropriate Renaissance imagery. Furthermore, inspired by the Tang Dynasty Buddhist temple ruins at Dandan-Uilik in Xinjiang, Liou utilizes materials like weathered wood from the Gobi Desert and natural stone from the Taihang Mountains, infusing his work with the essence of “Desert Zen,” as reflected in pieces like “Master Chan Poem” and “Eternal Stone Zen Poetry.”

Liou’s debut solo exhibition was introduced as “Reanimation Art.” In contrast, this exhibition feels more like the “creation of the creator.” His works, spanning mythology and dreams, forge another world entirely. The “Mythology Series,” inspired by Greco-Roman legends, is the exhibition’s centerpiece, marking a significant creative shift. The “Dream Series” draws from his personal dreams and childhood memories, combining various materials to highlight his adventurous process and scenes.

From “reanimation” to “creation,” “Rebellious Generation” signifies the evolution from objective exploration to subjective creativity. It marks Liou Shiuan Shi’s extensive experimentation and multifaceted creation, blending emotion with intellect. This opens a new chapter, filled with anticipation and potential, in his artistic journey

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