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History - In Search of History along Nostalgic Old Streets

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Post date:2012-04-23


History - In Search of History along Nostalgic Old Streets
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Taipei Confucius Temple Historic District(1.5hr) →Dihua Street Heritage Architecture(1.5hr) →URS 127 Design Gallery (0.5hr) →ArtYard(1.5hr) → Lee Chun-sheng Memorial Christ Presbyterian Church(0.5hr) → Ningxia Rd. Night Market(1.5hr)
Taipei Confucius Temple Historic DistrictSuggested Duration:1.5hr
Taipei Confucius Temple Historic DistrictThe Taipei Confucius Temple was built in 1927, situated along the old streets of Dalongdong, a community of great scholarship in days of old. As part of Taipei City Govt.’s ongoing urban regeneration program, Dalong Elementary School, Baoan Temple, and the Confucius Temple have been brought together to form the Dalongdong Culture Park, a space for the carrying out of classic rites and rituals, Confucian symbolism, city heritage sites, and other attractions.
●Add : 275, Dalong St. , Datong Dist.
●Transportation :
•  MRT:Take the Tamsui Line to Yuanshan Station,
take Exit 2, then walk 8 mins.
•  Bus :
1. Dalongdong stop:41, 201, 288
2. Jiuquan St. stop:Zhinan Bus No. 2, Zhinan Bus No. 5, 40, 41, 201, 215, 223, 250, 288,
302, 304, 601
3. Kulun St. stop : 21, 26, 266, 268, 280, 290, 304, 616, 618
Dihua Street Heritage ArchitectureSuggested Duration:1.5hr
Dihua Street Heritage ArchitectureDihua Street is the best-preserved and most historically significant Old Street in Taipei. It has been the core of the Dadaocheng commercial district and local community since late imperial times. As you walk along you see that many of the structures’ facades are Baroque in style, popular during Japan’s Taisho period. The buildings, lined up tightly shoulder to shoulder, are in the shophouse style, with narrow facades and running deep, business premises located in front facing the street and family quarters in behind. These together formed Taiwan’s most important wholesale district, housing sellers of tea, Chinese medicines, fabrics, and sundry goods from Taiwan and around the region. Always busy, the street, still famous throughout Taiwan, becomes even busier during the Taipei Big Street New Year Shopping Festival.
●Add : Sec. 1, Dihua St. , Datong Dist.
●Transportation :
•  MRT :Take Luzhou Line to Daqiaotou Station,take Exit 1, then walk 5 mins.
•  Bus :
1. Yanping stop No. 1 : 12, 250, 304 Chongqing N. Rd. Line, Citizen Mini Bus 9, Riverside Bus.
2. Nanjing W. Rd. stop : 9, 206, 250, 255, 274, 302, 304 Chongqing N. Rd. Line, 518, 539,
639, 641, 669, 704
3. Dihua St. stop : 811, Riverside Bus, Red 33
URS 127 Design GallerySuggested Duration:0.5hr
URS 127 Design Gallery URS 127 Design Gallery is a public space renovated by Tamkang University’s Dept. of Architecture. It is a multifunction venue hosting design, architecture, and arts events and performances. “URS” stands for “Urban Regeneration Station,” a key component of the city’s overarching urban renewal program. URS 127 signifies the approach of taking former privately-owned commercial space and making them public-use spaces.
●Add : 127, Sec. 1, Dihua St. , Datong Dist.
●Tel : +886-2- 3393-7377
●Transportation : Take the MRT Luzhou Line to Daqiaotou Station, take Exit 1, then walk 5 mins.
ArtYardSuggested Duration:1.5hr
ArtYardArtYard is an old residential structure that has been thoroughly refurbished and given new life and direction. The venue is thick with the feel and look of the street scenes of yesteryear. The first floor houses a workshop and sales outlet, the second floor has the Luguo (Stove) Cafe, offering premium coffees, and the third floor will be a gallery venue for exhibits open to the public.
●Add : 1, Ln. 32, Sec. 1, Dihua St. , Datong Dist.
●Tel : +886-2- 2552-1338
●Transportation : Take the Tamsui Line to Shuanglian Station, and walk along Minsheng W. Rd for around 10 min.
Lee Chun-sheng Memorial Christ Presbyterian ChurchSuggested Duration:0.5hr
Lee Chun-sheng Memorial Christ Presbyterian ChurchBusinessman Lee Chun-sheng was the classic Dadaocheng success story, rising from comprador for a Western trading firm to rich owner of his own enterprise. He was instrumental in helping British firms develop and profit from the flourishing of north Taiwan’s tea-production industry, his successes many, coming to be called the “Father of Taiwan tea,”a pioneer in the marketing of Taiwan tea to Europe, North America, and elsewhere.
●Add : 44, Guide St. , Datong Dist.
●Tel : +886-2- 2558-0753
●Transportation :
• MRT:Take the Tamsui Line to Zhongshan Station,
walk along Nanjing W. Rd for around 15 mins, then turn right on Guide St.
• Bus :Nanjing W. Rd. stop : 9, 206, 255, 274, 518, 539, 641, 669, 704, 1205
Ningxia Rd. Night MarketSuggested Duration:1.5hr
Ningxia Rd. Night MarketAlmost all the vendor stands here have been in place many tens of years, selling authentic old-time flavors in splendid variety. To explore the market is to explore the taste and feel of early Dadaocheng. The market’s best-known traditional snack delicacies are oyster omelets and chicken rice, but everything is delicious, and everything comes with a tasty dose of nostalgia.
●Add:Ningxia Rd. (between Nanjing W. Rd. and
Minsheng W. Rd.)
●Transportation :
• MRT:Take Tamsui Line to Zhongshan Station,
then take Exit 1, or go to Shuanglian Station and
take Exit 1; from both, then walk 10 mins.
• Bus :
1. Blessed Imelda’s School : 39 (mian line) , 42, 539, 613
2. Shuanglian Market : 39 (main line) , 539, 42, 518, 613 
3. Jiancheng Traffic Circle:2, 12, 52, 63, 238, 250, 288, 304,306, 622, 636

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