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☆Tour 1:Taipei's Epicenter of Fun

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Post date:2015-08-07


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Fun Taipei! Experience Taipei City Energy!

*Xinyi/Shopping Skywalk → Xinyi /Haute Cuisine → Songshan Cultural & Creative Park → Zhongxiao East Road. → Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Xinyi Commercial District extends westward to the Zhongxiao- Fuxing intersection. Must-see hotspots here include Taipei 101 and Eslite Bookstore. The Mitsukoshi Shopping malls, ATT4FUN, and Breeze Song Gao each combine exceptional shopping with great food and sweet-treat shops. Songshan Cultural and Creative Park and its creative retailers and activities are a brief walk away. Further down, the streets and alleys between the MRT SYS Memorial Hall and Zhongxiao-Fuxing Stations are packed with restaurants, cafés, and boutique clothing shops.
  ★Xinyi/Shopping Skywalk 
Xinyi/Shopping SkywalkWhile wandering the Xinyi Shopping District, make sure to take the skywalk for a bird's-eye view of all the action from Eslite Bookstore and ShinkongMitsukoshi all the way to Vieshow Cinemas and Taipei 101! The Shopping Skywalk is sure to add to the charm of any visit to the district.
★Xinyi /Haute Cuisine 
Xinyi /Haute CuisineXinyi's kaleidoscopic selection of delicious foods include restaurants owned & operated by a Michelin-starred chef such as Joël Robuchon à Taipei, and S.T.A.Y; Taiwanese staples such as soup dumplings, beef noodles, braised pork, and spicy hotpot; international cuisine; buffet meals; barbecued meats, sweet treats, drinks, food gifts and so much more!
★Songshan Cultural & Creative Park 
Songshan Cultural & Creative ParkSongshan Cultural and Creative Park encompasses several exhibition spaces, the Taipei Culture-Creative Center, cafés, an award-winning bakery, and fine-art shops. The park is a creative dynamo helping Taiwan shine in the arenas of design, fashion, innovation, and creativity.
★Zhongxiao East Road. 
Zhongxiao East RoadMost major fashion brands have their flagship outlets on Zhongxiao East Road, interspersed amongst department stores such as Sogo, Breeze Center, and Ming Yao, Bistro98, and other sure-to-please destinations for food, shopping and gift-buying. Dunhua South Road Lane 116 has many boutique fashion outlets. Yanji Street Lane 216 is the place for delicious snacks!
★Huashan 1914 Creative Park 
Huashan 1914 Creative ParkHome to a restaurant opened by renowned Taiwanese illustrator Jimmy, a DIY fashion shop, an indigenous-culture fashion shop, a“breathing” bicycle shop, a live performance theater, and art movie theater. Every venue in this park has a unique and incredible story to tell!


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