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☆Tour 2:Vivacious, Energized, Fun!

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Post date:2015-08-07


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Fun Taipei! Experience Taipei City Energy!


*Dalongdong /Baoan Temple & Taipei Confucius Temple → Dadaocheng/ Dihua St. → Dadaocheng/Taipei Xiahai City God Temple → Wanhua/ Longshan Temple → Ximen/ Ximending

Dadaocheng, Bangka (Wanhua), and Dalongdong are Taipei’s oldest districts. Today, Dadaocheng is still home to the city’s main fabrics market, tea merchants, and dry goods wholesalers; Bangka is centered on historic Longshan Temple; and Dalongdong is home to the ornate Baoan Temple and Taipei Confucius temple. Taste authen-tic traditional cuisine, see carefully restored historic buildings, and experience modern Taipei’s aesthetic blending of old and new.
★Dalongdong /Baoan Temple & Taipei Confucius Temple 
Baoan TempleHop on a city YouBike and travel from Dadaocheng to Dalongdong. Enjoy historic Baoan Temple’s beautiful religious carvings, the Taipei Confucius Temple’s 4D Theater, and local flavors such as charcoal roasted pork, oily rice, minced pork congee with mushrooms, and oilcake with soy milk along the way!
★Dadaocheng/ Dihua St 
Dihua StDihua Street is one of Taipei's best-known historical areas. Many heritage buildings in the area have been renovated and reopened as cultural-creative shops, cafes, and quaint restaurants. While here, don't miss Yongle Fabric Market and Dihua Street's many traditional dry-goods merchants.
★Dadaocheng/Taipei Xiahai City God Temple 
Taipei Xiahai City God TempleDon’t let the unassuming appearance of Dihua Street’s Xiahai City God Temple fool you. Believers from near and far have found Yue Lao, the temple deity, to have an uncanny knack for bringing lovers together. Pray for your special match and let Yue Lao help make your dreams of wedded bliss come true.
★Wanhua/ Longshan Temple 
Longshan TempleEnjoy the old Bopiliao Historic Block market street, internationally famous Longshan Temple, the historic Moungar Secondhand Bookshop, the “8-treasures” and fresh mango shaved-ice treats at Long Du, and the delightful traditional aromas of Herb Alley.
★Ximen/ Ximending 
XimendingXimending, one of Taipei’s oldest districts, seems to have the elixir of youth. This vibrant center of modern Taipei youth culture is home to historic eateries such as Lao Tien Lu Marinated Snacks, Fong Da Café, Mei Kuan Yuan, and Ay-Chung Rice Flour Noodle Shop as well as vermicelli and international flavors.

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