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Bangka Fashion and Culture Park

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Post date:2013-12-20


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Bangka Fashion and Culture Park is composed of fashion and culture featured spots in the Bangka Shopping Area and its neighborhood. Among all of these, the Bangka Garment Shopping Area, also known as Dali Garment Shopping Area, is characteristic of wholesale garments, mainly based in the area enclosed by Xiyuan Road (Section 1), Kangding Road, Heping West Road (Section 3) and Dali Street. The Menjia Shopping Area, centered upon the Lungshan Temple and Bangka Garment Shopping Area, extends to a district north of Dali Street, west of Kangding Road, south of Guilin Road and east of Huaxi Street. Bangka Fashion and Culture Park combines the Bangka Shopping Area and many other attractions with local culture and fashion features, including Bopiliao (Heritage and Culture Education Center of Taipei), Herbal Lane, Lungshan Temple Underground Shopping Mall, Huaxi Night Market, Fashion Institute of Taipei, Sugar Industry Cultural Park, etc.

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