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Eastern Ice Store 東區粉圓

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No. 38, Lane 216, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Da'an Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C


Located next to the ATT and Ming Yao department stores, this shop has been serving up traditional handmade starch ball desserts for over 20 years. Sinfully sweet and generously portioned, these treats are made with the best ingredients and no artificial flavoring. As a testimony to its uncompromising attitude to quality, the shop won the "ROC Consumers Association Golden Award" and "Customer Satisfaction Gold Award."

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  • Pink_Panther_HK

    Hong Kong

    Traveler type:

    En solitario

    Deteriorating Service, reduced quantity


    I have been going to the ice eatery in the past 10 years, and noticed the reduced in quantity and deteriorating service. The persons servicing are always rushing you to select your food or talking to each other while servicing, and the attitude unfortunately truly getting worse...
  • gheesoon

    Traveler type:

    En familia

    Good selection


    There is a wide selection of desserts. You can have it hot or have it cold. We had a bowl of the hot tofu with various toppings and a bowl of hot black pearl with various fillings too. The desserts were not very sweet which was great as too many desserts usually come way too sweetened which is obviously bad for the health. It is reasonably priced at NT$60 per bowl. You can "take out" the desserts too. A word of caution! It can be quite filling on the stomach...
  • Jeansoul

    Singapur, Singapur

    Traveler type:

    En pareja

    Great dessert and cheap!


    This place is very crowded especially at night after dinner. many students, couples and big group of friends will hang around for dessert while socialising. Many variety of ingredients to choose from and cheap too. 1 bowl of this will definitely make us feel super full. Queue move fast fast, staffs do things very fast too. so please be prepare what to order before your turn.
  • YamaBee

    Toronto, Canadá

    Traveler type:

    En familia

    EASTERN ICE STORE (don't be confused by the other name in pinyin Chinese)


    This is not something I would recommend to my non-Asian friends.......unless they are adventurous and like Asian foods! It is shaved ice (and might I add, VERY VERY roughly chunks of rocks kind of ice!!!) with various eastern-style toppings. You pay 60NT for up to 4 toppings. Toppings include: condensed milk pineapple passionfruit tapioca (white and or black) clear tapioca (clear and pink) Yellow jello-like looking chewy blob tasty stuff Grass jelly (tastes medicinal to some...avoid if not adventurous!) Simmered slightly sweet taro root Taro root squarish tapioca balls Pumpkin Pumpkin squarish tapioca balls Oatmeal Barley Simmered green mung bean Simmered small red bean Simmered BIG red bean White fungus Aiyu jelly Tofu jelly Simmered slightly sweet peanuts You can ask for ice or sugar water refills. Cash only. Better if you wipe down the table by yourself before eating...they tend to be sticky. Service is very straight-forward and no-nonsense/no-frills...not rude but don't expect much either! It's so filling that it was my dinner...really really filling. (I might add that I got a super protein-packed one. Mung bean, big red bean, taro, and yellow jelly glob stuff) It is super filling so...if you have a child, have them share. Kids will probably like chewy tapioca, the yellow jello-like blob stuff, strawberry topping and pineapple topping and maybe even passionfruit topping, condensed milk.... for something that kids will like...take them to a fruit-based shaved ice place..... This is the only shop for this. There are various other shops similar to this one but this shop has the longest history...and ingredients are carefully prepared, fresh, no preservatives. Texture of beans and ingredients are quite nice...not overly mushy. Tapioca balls are very caloric so if you are on a diet...avoid those chewy textured toppings. sounds weird...but...spend a little to get a bit slushy, gooey, chewy bowl of eastern-style shaved ice! Much healthier than the artificial blue hawaiian kind back home!
  • RafikiBaboon

    Hong Kong, China

    Traveler type:

    En pareja

    Best pick of our trip!


    There are many sweet dumplings served in Taiwan. Yet, this is my favourite one given its wide range of ingredients selection and food quality. We ordered a bowl of hot grass jelly with the following of ingredients: - Taro paste (the best!! Incredibly yum!!) - black pearl - water lotus seed - sweet potato dumpling The hot grass jelly itself is not that outstanding. I would try hot read bean soup next time.

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