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Dalai Braised Pork Rice Eatery 大來小館(永康店)

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Sunday:11:00 - 21:30



+886-2-23579678 +886-937-016028
No.2, Lane 7, Yongkang Street (Yongkang Branch), Da'an Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C


Dalai Eatery has not only won the first prize in braised pork rice, but its other dishes have also won praise from food lovers. It is a good choice for simple dining or hosting a banquet. Its dishes include: stuffed eggplant with meat, stewed cabbage with plaice, braised pork trotter, intestine, pig belly, garlic oyster, etc.; other signature dishes such as crispy squid rolls, steamed clam with melon, fried milkfish belly, fried garlic sprouts with dried shrimp, fried Chinese chives with dried shrimp, etc, are just some of the numerous dishes highly recommended. Smart food lovers will let the boss recommend the dishes, and just sit back to enjoy the wonderfully prepared food.


Do you know where to find the “Ultimate Braised Pork Rice”? Order a big bowl of Dalai Eatery’s braised pork rice, and you will understand what happiness means. The cooking skills of the boss of Dalai Eatery on Lishui Street have won him first place in the Braised Pork Rice Festival’s “Foreigner’s Gourmet Troupe” competition. From the long queue outside the shop, one will see the reason why food lovers love this delicacy.

With 30 years of experience in the food and beverages industry, Dalai Eatery’s boss, Su Longxiong and his wife, Zhang Kaiyun, believe in serving healthful and delicious food, and have been putting effort through all these years into improving Taiwan’s delicacies. “Braised Pork Rice” is one of them. Dalai Eatery’s braised pork rice is not greasy, but rather smooth and fragrant; some people can even eat up to four or five bowls at one go.

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4 65 Reviews Write a Review

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  • J L

    Hong Kong, China

    Best Braised pork on rice


    Introduced by a good friend, my families and I go to this restaurant. The Braised pork on rice is must try item, which just cost NT$30. Other Taiwanese dashes are fantastic as well. Although the price is a little bit higher than other restaurants, their qualities of food will tell you that you are worth to pay for that.
  • rubwee

    Hong Kong, China

    Traveler type:

    Con amigos

    Only the minced pork rice


    Only the minced pork rice was good, but even that I think I would prefer the one at du xiaoyue way more (another shop near by). Everything else was mediocre. The stir fry dried shrimp with veggie was surprisingly expensive, felt a bit ripped off for that. The cai-pu fried egg was alright. The fried chicken roll, which is supposedly one of their signature dishes, was disappointing. The sauce on top was sweet and weird. Don’t think I would come here again.
  • Venture80426

    Traveler type:

    En familia

    Mediocre Food, Grumpy Service, feeling ripped off!!!


    Braised pork rice was ok if a bit bland; sweet/sour chicken rice was decent; fried chicken roll was ok; gai lan was tiny portioned; black bean oysters was an overpriced CHEAT of a dish which was mostly tofu. The service can be better. Don’t think we are coming back.
  • Rainne_T

    Singapur, Singapur

    Traveler type:

    En pareja

    Accidental find; Excellent food!


    (This review is actually for Dalai Xiaoguan branch at 13 Lishui Street, not the main branch at Yongkang Street.) We wandered off the main Yongkang street while looking for dinner, and we stumbled upon this small unassuming restaurant at the corner of a smaller alley. We saw some newspaper clippings with some celebrities raving about their food, and wonder "hey, if they can go on newspapers, how bad can it be?" The restaurant is, however, very "local" (I doubt many foreigners would step in on their own without any local residents introducing them to this place), and hence their main menu is actually all in traditional Mandarin without any English words. They do have a sub "famous dishes" menu in English but that doesn't list all the items they have available in the main menu. I can read Mandarin just fine so it wasn't a problem. We ordered a stir-fry beef slices with assorted mushrooms, stir-fry sweet potato leaves, omelette with dried salted radish (this is their famous dish) to share, and a bowl of braised meat rice for each of us. When the omelette arrived, we were all fascinated by how round and fluffy it looked, because back in our country, this dish usually is just an unassuming flat piece of fried egg with the dried radish bits in it. A bite into the omelette proved that it WAS indeed very fluffy and the dried salted radish bits added some saltiness into an otherwise normal egg dish. Now I understand why this dish is one of their featured dishes in the newspaper clippings! Their stir-fry beef slices are also perfectly marinated and tender. My friend had a slight issue with this dish because it's full of thin ginger slices (he hates ginger), but I feel absolutely fine with it. I feel the ginger slices enhanced the taste of the dish a lot more actually! The sweet potato leaves are fresh and crisp, with just the right level of saltiness. The braised meat rice is a mix of fatty and lean meat, which was a welcoming change from all the other braised fatty meat rice served in most eateries in Taiwan. The whole bowl was huge too, for just NTD30. Very well worth it! All in all we were glad to have wandered away from the main Yongkang street and discovered this brilliant little restaurant. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend it! Foreigners who can't read Mandarin can always point at other tables (if their dishes interest you), or direct the staff taking your orders to the front of the restaurant and point at the dishes in the newspaper clippings. I'll definitely revisit this place if I'm coming back to Taipei and looking forward to try their other dishes!
  • 825clarence

    Traveler type:

    De negocios




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