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Flower viewing in Taipei

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Flowering viewing is trending in Taipei. Other than cherry blossoms and azaleas every spring, the dreamy calla lilies during summer, and plum blossoms in winter, a number of other gorgeous flowers blooming all year round in Taipei await your exploration as well!

January to March

  • Plum Blossom

    Plum Blossom

    During the cold wintery days, plum blossom is perhaps the most anticipated activity of the season! There is a forest of old plum trees along the path to the west of the rose garden in Shilin Official Residence. The plum trees bloom annually, covering the garden with a snow-white winter bliss that attracts numerous tourists and photographers. A number of plum trees can also be found in Zhicheng Park, a Chinese-style garden. Visitors are especially advised to visit when the flowers hit peak bloom!

    Best time to visit:Late January to February

    Location:Shilin Official Residence, Zhicheng Park, Floriculture Experiment Center, Sun Yat-sen Park

  • Cherry Blossom/ Yangmingshan Flower Festival
    Cherry Blossom/ Yangmingshan Flower Festival
    Yangmingshan is certainly the place for flower viewing. It boasts not only the nationally adored cherry blossoms but also camellias that are just as gorgeous. Some of the places where you can appreciate cherry blossoms up-close in Yangmingshan include Lane 42, Pingjing St. in Pingdeng Village, Jingshan Rd. Parking lot and Yangmingshan Elementary School. In addition to Yangmingshan, Lehuo Park in Neihu is also a top spot for cherry blossom viewing. It is even praised as the most beautiful riverbank in Taipei with a 3-kilometer path planted with flourishing cherry blossom trees.

    Best time to visit:February to March

    Location:Yangmingshan National Park, Pingjing Street, Dong Fang Temple, Neihu Lehuo Park, Beitou Cherry Blossom Tunnel

  • Taipei Azalea Festival
    Taipei Azalea Festival

    An old Taiwanese song, Azalea, sings, “In a cozy day in March, how beautiful are the azaleas blossoms all over the hill and alongside the river!” Azalea is the city flower of Taipei. During the flower season, fragrant azaleas can be found in Taiwan University, 228 Peace Memorial Park, Jieshou Park, Zhongxiao East Road, Renai Road, Roosevelt Road and Guangfu South Road, presenting a unique early spring scenery all over streets of Taipei.

    Best time to visit:Mid March to mid April

    Location: Taiwan University campus area, Daan Forest Park, streets where azalea can be found in Taipei City

  • Taipei Rose Garden - Rose Exhibition
    Taipei Rose Garden - Rose Exhibition

    Taipei Rose Garden in Xinsheng Park is a great spring outing destination. Among the garden’s over 600 rosa species, precious species featuring yellow and fuchsia petals will definitely impress! Also featuring floral paths, flower arches, greek pavilions and other attractions rich in a sweet ambience, the place is a popular destination for wedding photography.

    Best time to visit:March to April & mid November to early December

April to June

  • Zhuzhihu Calla Lily Festival
    Zhuzhihu Calla Lily Festival

    Surrounded by the peaks of Yangmingshan mountain range, the often misted green valley nurtures the elegantly white calla lilies. Blooming silently amidst spring drizzle, the white and green field of calla lilies at Zhuzhihu is simply soothing to watch. While enjoying the scenery in lovely spring weather, visitors can also experience picking calla lilies!

    Best time to visit:March to May

July to September

  • Guandu Flower Festival

    Guandu Flower Festival

    Guandu Flower Festival is a renowned floral paradise that lasts for six months, presenting varied views as different flowers bloom according to the change of season. The 12-hectare land turns into a flamboyant sea of flowers featuring a romantic ambience. Many tourists come to take pictures and even have picnics to enjoy the flower, the scenery and the sunset.

    Best time to visit:September to February in the following year

    Location: Between Zhoumei Xianzaigang Park and Shilin Science Park

October to December

  • Maple Leaf Viewing
    Maple Leaf Viewing
    Maple leaf viewing has always been the most anticipated event in autumn. Maple trees in Yangmingshan and Aowanda turn into a gorgeous sea of red towards the end of spring and in autumn. Mountain paths in between Pingjing Street and Jingshan Road are especially popular maple leaf viewing spots for the exotic ambience. The picturesque scenery consisting of red and golden yellow is even more poetic and enjoyable with rustling sound of the leaves.

    Best time to visit:Late April and early December

    Location: Aowanda, Yangmingshan National Park, paths in between Pingjing Street to Jingshan Road

  • Shilin Residence Chrysanthemum Show
    Shilin Residence Chrysanthemum Show

    The temperature drop in Autumn marks the start of the highly anticipated season among flower lovers! The Chrysanthemum Show that takes place in Shilin Official Residence features a different theme along with events every year. It is not just a flora exhibition but also a refreshing showcase incorporating a variety of visual elements. In addition to the chrysanthemum show, Shilin Residence also hosts a tulip show and rose show according to the change of season.

    Best time to visit:November to December

    Flower Intelligence: Tulip Show, Rose Show or other shows depending on the flower season at Shilin Residence

Source: Taipei Pictorial and travel sites

To provide information on the most up-to-date year-round flower viewing season, activities and exhibitions, we will be sharing some most frequently visited check-in locations on Instagram.

  • Wisteria sinensis

    Wisteria sinensis

    Best time to visit:Mid March to April

    Location: Metro Bus Yangmingshan Station, Taipei Garden Mall

  • Hydrangea


    Best time to visit:May to June

    Location: Yangmingshan Kao's Hydrangea Garden, Zhuzhihu

  • Silver Grass

    Silver Grass

    Best time to visit:October to November

    Location: Chingtienkang Grassland, Yulu Ancient Path