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Taipei things to do
  • Enjoy Yangmingshan night view


    Enjoy Yangmingshan night view

    Night view at Yangmingshan is considerably renowned in Taipei City. Visitors can already enjoy the sparkling sea of lights of Taipei City under the starry sky as they go uphill on Yangde Boulevard. Great night view observatory spots include Zhuzihu Observatory Platform, the Lin Yu-tang House and the path that bypasses Yangmingshan Park heading towards Dinghu or Beitou.

    Moreover, Erziping Recreation Area and Qingtiangang are both suitable for stargazing and moon watching, offering unhindered view atop the vast land. Another iconic location of spectacular night view is the Chinese Culture University. It sits on a perfectly angled hill near Taipei Basin, presenting a night view as if viewers are stooping through the city glamor into the dreams amidst a million lights.

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  • Visit Dadaocheng Old Town District


    Visit Dadaocheng Old Town District

    In late 1880s, Dadaocheng started to prosper in light of the opening of Tamsui Harbor. It has since become the keystone of economic and cultural development. Dadaocheng boasts extravagant Baroque architecture, traditional Hokkien bungalows and brilliant red-brick western houses. Everywhere in this old town is rich in history. A new everyday-aesthetics derives in the retrospective neighborhoods of Dadaocheng where century-old stores meet with contemporary innovation.

    For explorers looking for the cultural essence of Taipei, you can stroll in Dihua Street or try some local cuisines from the vendors in front of Tze Sheng Temple. You can also roam in the alleys where various select shops of distinctive features await your visit, or enjoy a cup of coffee and a moment of serenity in elegant street houses. In short, Dadaocheng is definitely the place to visit if you want to experience the traditional lifestyle of Taipei!

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  • Go into hipster alleys


    Go into hipster alleys

    Taipei is a metropolitan city that features in-depth history and cultures where the fast-pace and prosperity seem evident. However, the slow-paced aspect of the city is worth noticing as well.

    Other than the renowned National Palace Museum and art museums, some indispensable hipster spots include Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park and the retrospective Four Four South Village. If you are into shopping, Spot Taipei in Zhongshan shopping district and alleys nearby Fujin Street in Minsheng Community are highly recommended. A variety of select shops, stationary stores and independent book stores flock in these areas. Moreover, cultural and creative markets take place during weekends and holidays. For those who look for retrospective vibes, Dadaocheng is the perfect place to roam in the old streets and alleys, exploring the newly established cultural and creative blocks that have come to fuse with history.

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  • Explore small cafés


    Explore small cafés

    If you are wondering where the best coffee city in the world is, the answer is Taipei. BBC has reviewed the world’s top six major coffee cities in the world and Taipei is among the list, featuring diverse and creative cafés.

    In Dadaocheng, Treasure Hill and Beitou Old Street, numerous historical buildings transformed into characteristic cafés now transpire inviting coffee aroma. Other cafés incorporate special elements into the interior design like the rough and vintage American industrial style, the heartwarming and cozy French country style or the natural and simple North European style. In Taipei, you can experience a variety of coffee cultures and lifestyles from all over the world.

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  • Purchase the latest 3C products


    Purchase the latest 3C products

    There are many shopping districts in Taipei offering the latest and discounted 3C products. For instance, Beimen camera street is a must-visit destination for photography enthusiasts. The famous Guanghua market has been renovated into a novel shopping mall in which newcomers, audio equipment lovers or computer assembly experts alike are welcome to shop at ease!

    The newly constructed Syntrend Creative Park right next to Guanghau Digital Plaza is designed based on the idea of people as its core value. It is a platform for future living implementation comprising 12 levels. A variety of merchandise include 3C products, audio equipments, gramophone records, 3D printers, video games, comic and animation products. There is also a family recreation area.

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  • Visit temples with a pious heart and your wish will come true


    Visit temples with a pious heart and your wish will come true

    Taipei City is a fusion of multiple immigrant cultures. Various religions coexist peacefully, offering comfort and counseling to the souls that seek peace and shelter.

    The religious center in Wanhua District “Longshan Temple” is also referred to as “the most well known temple in Taipei”. The main deity of Longshan Temple is the Holy Ruler Deity Guan, the wealth god, who is extremely respected and worshiped in the heavily industrialized and commercialized Taipei. Guandu Temple is among the three major Mazu temples in Taiwan. It is also the most ancient and most visited temple dedicated to the Holy Mother.

    Taipei City is also home to exotic religious centers like the Taipei Grand Mosque, the Catholic Holy Family Church, the Christian Grace Baptist Church, Chinan Church, the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan in Dadaocheng, etc. Whatever trouble bothers you, going to a place with the blessings from deities and gods is definitely mentally soothing.

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  • Have fun bathing in hot springs


    Have fun bathing in hot springs

    “Hot spring”, a precious gift to humans from earth, has been regarded as a natural resource that is healthy and therapeutic.

    Beitou Hot Spring has been renowned since the Japanese colonial period. Hence, Japanese people who are passionate about hot spring baths definitely would not miss it here in Taipei. In fact, Takino-yu, Hoshino-yu and Testu-yu are named by Japanese according to the features and therapeutic benefits of the hot springs. The hot springs are said to be able to ease skin disease, neurological disorder, asthma and rheumatic disorder. Hence, Beitou hot spring is one of the most well known hot springs in Northern Taiwan.

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  • Hop on a double-decker sightseeing bus and tour around Taipei


    Hop on a double-decker sightseeing bus and tour around Taipei

    Double-decker sightseeing buses are now available in Taipei! Two lines, the red line and the blue line are elaborately designed to ensure visitors to Taipei a good time. Visitors can enjoy both the beautiful scenery and rich culture and history of Taipei as they tour around renowned attractions like National Palace Museum and Taipei 101 on the double-decker sightseeing bus along with the passionate story-telling of the bus tour guide.

    The double-decker sightseeing bus offers flexible itineraries like a shopping spree, an informative cultural exploration or a one-day trip in Taipei. Other ways of transportation like the Taipei Mass Rapid Transportation (MRT) and High Speed Rail (HSR) accept various payment methods including credit card payment, online payment and third-party online payment, etc. A romantic solo-trip in Taipei can be easily planned and carried out!

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  • Enjoy a leisure bike ride


    Enjoy a leisure bike ride

    Peddling leisurely on a bicycle in Taipei City enables you to skip through the hustle and bustle in a short period of time. You can enjoy a romantic ride along the riverbank as the gorgeous sunset radiates orange warmth along with bristle chirps of free birds and gentle breeze against your face.

    A night ride in summer nights at Guting Riverside Park is another great option. The lighting and overall planning of the bike trail is just about right. Peddling on the Rainbow Bridge, the beautiful riverside scenery and the reflection of the lights of Rainbow Bridge as the night falls is a great feast to your eyes!

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  • Eat your way through Taipei


    Eat your way through Taipei

    Taipei cuisines are essentially rich in history. Local delicacies have witnessed the track of time in old town areas like Bangka, the earliest developed town in Taipei, the bustling streets of Ximending and Dadaocheng where tea and commodity businesses prospered. If you are looking for the most authentic food experience, Ningxia Night Market, Huaxi Street Night Market and streets around Xia Hai City God Temple in Dadaocheng are the places you must not miss!

    Minced pork rice, rice cakes, pepper cakes, stinky tofu, braised intestine vermicelli, beef noodles, soup dumplings and countless delicacies that represent the old Taipei City are all profoundly tasty. Eating your way through Taipei is certainly the best way to truly experience local Taiwanese culture!

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  • Exercise as a healthy habit


    Exercise as a healthy habit

    Feels like diving in Taipei? Go to Nangang Sports Center, the only sports center in Taipei that has an indoor diving pool. Other than diving for fun, professional diving courses are also available. Diving can be very accessible without having to travel a long way!

    In addition to sports competitions, Taipei Arena also hosts a variety of events like large-scale concerts and assembly. It is nearby Taipei Gymnasium, Taipei Stadium and Songshan Sports Center which are also great places for citizens to exercise and engage in leisure activities.

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  • Have a taste of tea rich in culture


    Have a taste of tea rich in culture

    The prosperous history of tea in Dadaocheng dates back to a century ago. Roaming in the retrospective alleys of Dihua Street, one can always find great tea. Order a pot of your favorite tea in a century-old architecture home to a new tea house, as the soothing scent of tea leads you to discover the old time stories in this once prosperous city, you will truly experience present fused with the past.

    Another recommended location for tea lovers is Maokong that features “Tieguanyin”. Tieguanyin of Muzha is renowned for its special production method and the inheritance of history and culture. The making of Tieguanyin nowadays is still in alignment with the traditional method passed down for more than a century. Baked tieguanyin smells of matured fruit and a bit of smokiness. The amber tea liquid features gentle astringency. The strong flavor you taste is the evident of tea farmers’ effort and devotion.

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