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Dalai Braised Pork Rice Eatery 大來小館(永康店)

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Friday:11:00 - 14:00、17:00 - 21:30



+886-2-23579678 +886-937-016028
No.2, Lane 7, Yongkang Street (Yongkang Branch), Da'an Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C


Dalai Eatery has not only won the first prize in braised pork rice, but its other dishes have also won praise from food lovers. It is a good choice for simple dining or hosting a banquet. Its dishes include: stuffed eggplant with meat, stewed cabbage with plaice, braised pork trotter, intestine, pig belly, garlic oyster, etc.; other signature dishes such as crispy squid rolls, steamed clam with melon, fried milkfish belly, fried garlic sprouts with dried shrimp, fried Chinese chives with dried shrimp, etc, are just some of the numerous dishes highly recommended. Smart food lovers will let the boss recommend the dishes, and just sit back to enjoy the wonderfully prepared food.


Do you know where to find the “Ultimate Braised Pork Rice”? Order a big bowl of Dalai Eatery’s braised pork rice, and you will understand what happiness means. The cooking skills of the boss of Dalai Eatery on Lishui Street have won him first place in the Braised Pork Rice Festival’s “Foreigner’s Gourmet Troupe” competition. From the long queue outside the shop, one will see the reason why food lovers love this delicacy.

With 30 years of experience in the food and beverages industry, Dalai Eatery’s boss, Su Longxiong and his wife, Zhang Kaiyun, believe in serving healthful and delicious food, and have been putting effort through all these years into improving Taiwan’s delicacies. “Braised Pork Rice” is one of them. Dalai Eatery’s braised pork rice is not greasy, but rather smooth and fragrant; some people can even eat up to four or five bowls at one go.

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