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Bike Trails

Taipei city government has been promoting the development of driveways dedicated to public transportation, and bike lanes are part of the development plan. Urban bike lanes allow cyclists to explore the city at ease. After the launch of YouBike bike share system, a larger number of cyclists now uses the bike lanes as well. There are 10 bike trails in Taipei that await you to embark on a leisure ride.

Bike Trails Bike Trails

10 Bike Routes in Taipei

Guandu Nature Park Bike Trail

Yanping Riverside Park Bike Trail

Guei Zi Keng Riverside Bike Trail

Jingmei Riverside Bike Trail

Xindien Riverside Bike Trail

Shezidao and Erchong Floodway Bike Trail

Keelung River Bike Trail

Nankang Liuzhangli Bike Trail

Beitou Hot Spring Bike Trail

Muzha Maokong Bike Trail

Visit a Park

Roaming in the city Roaming in the city

Daan Forest Park

Daan Forest Park Daan Forest Park

Daan Forest Park is the lung of Taipei City, the urban forest. The 26-hectare eco park is home to thriving trees, robust shrubs and enchanting flowers. MRT Daan Forest Park Station next to the park is a must-visit as well for its unique architecture.

Taipei Expo Park Yuanshan

Taipei Expo Park Yuanshan Taipei Expo Park Yuanshan

Previously home to the 2010 Taipei International Flora Expo as the second largest Expo Park, vertical gardens, flower walls and floral landscape remain to greet guests with flourishing vegetation. A variety of seasonal events take place at the park like Taipei Lantern Festival. Additionally, there is a regular farmers market on weekends that offers visitors with healthy food choices.

228 Memorial Park

228 Memorial Park 228 Memorial Park

Originally named Taipei New Park, it was retitled 228 Memorial Park after the installation of the 228 monument. The layout of the park dates back to the period of Japanese rule when the park was organized to host the Taiwan Exposition. In spring time, the park blooms with azaleas and fringe flowers. Many visitors to the National Taiwan Museum would also roam around the park.

Rongxing Park

Rongxing Park Rongxing Park

Originally named Rongxing Garden, Rongxing Park is one of the old parks built in early times which contains a swimming pool. The Maple Trail in Rongxing Park is its signature. Many residents in the neighborhood stroll in the park to soothe fatigue from a long day of work. During summer, you might even be able to spot fireflies joyously twinkling in the park.

An Outing to Yangmingshan

Yangmingshan Hiking Trail

Yangmingshan Hiking Trail Yangmingshan Hiking Trail

Situated in the suburb of Taipei City, Yangmingshan National Park consists of several mountains, offering a number of scenic spots, hiking trails and footpaths. Flower landscape changes according to the season.

Jhuzihhu Trail

Jhuzihhu Trail Jhuzihhu Trail

Covered with blooming calla lilies, Jhuzihu is one of the most renowned attractions during Yangmingshan Flower Season. There are 6 riverside trail that lead towards the vast field of calla lilies. The Tinghu Trail is especially recommended. For those interested in taking a closer look at the old waterwheel and eco pond, Calla Lily Trail at the lower lake area is suggested.

Cingtiangang Trail

Cingtiangang Trail Cingtiangang Trail

Cingtiangang grassland boasts its grass carpeted level ground which makes it a perfect natural classroom for grassland observation. It is a lovely outing destination well received in Yangmingshan National Park.

Xiaoyoukeng Trail

Xiaoyoukeng Trail Xiaoyoukeng Trail

Xiaoyoukeng is a post-volcanic geological landscape area in Yangmingshan National Park. Abundant landscapes await on the peak of the mountain for visitors to come explore its beauty.

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