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Taipei was first designated as capital in 1875. At that time, Taipei Basin was part of Tamsui County in Taipei Capital. After the 1949 great retreat, Taipei city was then designated as provincial city under Taiwan Providence. In 1990, Taipei City administrative districts were consolidated from the original 16 districts into 12 districts as below: Zhongzheng Dist., Wanhua Dist., Datong Dist., Zhongshan Dist., Songshan Dist., Daan Dist., Xinyi Dist., Neihu Dist., Nankang Dist., Shilin Dist., Beitou Dist., and Wenshan Dist.

Taipei City Taipei City


Since Taipei launched its first metro system with Muzha Line in March 1996, other lines were completed one after another. The latest line completed, Xiangshan Line runs from Tamsui all the way to Xiangshan (Elephant Mountain), allowing passengers to travel across Taipei shortly. Painted trains are available on popular routes. For example, Xinbeitou station features hot-spring culture painted train to invite passengers embark on an adventurous trip.

Taipei Metro Taipei Metro

Taipei Main Station is the largest traffic junction in Taipei City with three railway systems, TRA, HSR and MRT. It also connects to Taipei Bus Terminal, allowing passengers to transit more easily. The architectural style of Taipei Main Station is one-of-a-kind. Since its inauguration in 1989, it has become an indispensable transportation hub.

Taipei Main Station Taipei Main Station

The Taipei YouBike bike-share system was launched in recent years to help ease traffic congestion in the city. As commuters can easily lease and return, the healthy, eco-friendly YouBikes are widely favored and used.

YouBike Bike-share System YouBike Bike-share System

The Taipei Joint Bus System is operated collaboratively by 15 individual bus transit agencies. Apart from traditional buses, a number of accessible low-floor buses are available for the disabled, the elderly and children to take buses without difficulty. There is an app for bus route search and many other useful services like estimated arrival time. Some buses are even equipped with Wifi service.

Taipei Joint Bus System Taipei Joint Bus System


Taipei boasts bountiful ecological scenery. The breath-taking scenery derives from an enclosed island ecology for the fact that Taipei Basin was originally a lake. Guandu Nature Park and Yingmingshan National Park are excellent outing destinations for city dwellers to enjoy the unique natural beauty of Taipei.

Yangmingshan Flower Clock Yangmingshan Flower Clock

City Symbol

City Bird: Taiwan Blue Magpie City Bird: Taiwan Blue Magpie
City Flower: Azalea City Flower: Azalea
City Tree: Banyan City Tree: Banyan