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No.177, Nanking W. Rd., Datong Dist., Taipei City Taiwán, R.O.C
NT$1,600 ~ NT$3,900


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Estación de MRT cercana

G Línea Songshan-Xindian Beimen


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  • Aaronhuang0921



  • tw33tee

    Fremont, California

    Not good


    This hotel is old, not maintained well and I would not recommend it. The place smells dingy and I’m scared to walk around my room barefoot. Their room rate is not necessarily cheaper than the other hotels nearby so it wasn’t even about getting the best deal or getting what you paid for.
  • Rdyu64

    Makati, Filipinas

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    En familia

    It's nice but could have been better


    Location is good. near Ningxia night market, Taipei Main Station and several malls and shopping areas. Several food place around the area. A few convenient stores in the area. Facilties is average. It's an old building. Rooms are alright not big and not small. They could have at least fix the lighting of the rooms. They are still using incandescent bulbs. They do not have a cafe or restaurant in the premises but they could add if they want to. There is an area where they can set it up. Staff are nice and helpful. But it will be easier for some guest if the people manning the front desk all speaks english. I think there is only one person who speaks english there.
  • 409gman

    Dibba Al Fujairah, Emiratos Árabes Unidos

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    En pareja

    Worse Hotel Experience!


    Beware of this Fortune Hotel. And if you choose to stay at this hotel, I can assure you that you will regret it. My wife and I had made plans to visit Taipei for the first time and spend our New Year's there. After struggling to find an affordable hotel, we decided to settle for this hotel (big mistake!!). It was the only hotel available in Taipei for $100/night (others were triple the cost). To our dismay, upon our arrival, the owner was demanding an extra charge for having requested a queen bed, a request we had made previously online and presumably at no additional cost. After some discussion, we had to put our foot down and not pay the extra cash he was demanding from us. And this is when he decided to give us our room key to a room with twin beds with the condition of giving his hotel a superb review. However, the hotel and the room were away from being superb. The room, as the hotel, was screaming for renovation. When walking towards our room, we quickly noticed that the carpet was old and had mold stains. The ceiling had water stains and some water leaks, too. And the moment we entered our room, a vomit-provoking stench slapped us in the face, which resembled the smell of dead mice. Also, the room door had rusty hinges and squeaked loudly every time we would use it. The bed sheets were also smelly and old. And the Wifi, there was none. The password given by the reception never worked. Positive: There was hot water in our room and that is the only feature I can think of. Getting a refund and moving out of the hotel was out of the question as understandably other hotels were excessively expensive. So, in short, do yourself a favor and never, NeVer, NEVER stay here. Btw, today I received an email from this hotel. See attachment.
  • tmgw


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