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Hogar Histórico Lin An Tai 林安泰古厝民俗文物館

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Viernes:09:00 - 17:00




El Hogar Histórico Lin An Tai es un patio real de dos siglos de antigüedad al estilo del Sur Fujianense. Las rocas que cubren el patio frontal fueron tomadas de las rocas utilizadas por mercaderes de China continental para estabilizar sus embarcaciones. El estanque de la parte frontal se utilizaba con fines defensivos, también ayudaba a reducir el calor del verano, y suministraba agua para beber y para la extinción de incendios.


Arquitectura histórica Centros de Arte y Cultura
Familia、Enseñanza del campus
Todo el año
Calle Binjiang, Nº. 5, Distrito Zhongshan, Taipéi Taiwán, R.O.C

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  • jbushman2017

    Fresno, California

    Tipo de viajero:

    En pareja

    Well Worth Seeing


    This attraction lies inside Taipei Expo Park, so if you go here you can see both the park and this attraction. Taxis’ are easily found in several places in the park and a number of buses go right to the park so is easily visited with public transportation. What you have here is a large Chinese estate that includes the main house and other auxiliary buildings within a small fenced area. The place is open to view from 9-5 and is free. I arrived just before it closed and kicked myself for not coming earlier. It really is a must see attraction. The house is lovely and gives you an idea of how a person lived with exhibits inside the house. In front of the house is a pond and a small hill area designed to let you take great pictures of the house. Behind the house and along the East side are other buildings you can visit that I did not that presumably told you more about the family or usage. I would guess a Good, hour could be spent here. What is nice is that first, the place looks lovely and is very photogenic. Secondly, it is hard to find a old preserved house that offers a window into what things were like a 100 years ago (actually not exactly sure of the date). Chinese floor plans are a bit different than what you find in a country like Japan. Lastly, there is English signage and the entire compound has this authentic feel that draws you in.
  • Alanthebairn

    Falkirk, Reino Unido

    Tipo de viajero:

    En pareja

    Relocated merchant's house


    This is the former home of a tea merchant which was relocated to this park so that it could be preserved. You are free to wander round the home and enter many of the rooms which are furnished with period pieces. As well as the house there are very attractive gardens and a pond that were being used for advertising shoots during our visit.
  • chloeo182

    Londres, Reino Unido

    Tipo de viajero:

    De negocios

    Absolute hidden gem


    If you like discovering the real atmosphere of a place and imagining what it might have been like two centuries ago.... then visit Ali An Tai. The garden is spectacular and really cleverly designed with a different vista everywhere you look. There are incredible geometric doorways each framing a beautiful view. The red brick house is truly lovely and there are lots of surprises in the garden : amazing rocks and bamboo . Go!! And the Xinsang park is lovely too. People do Tai Chi there on a Sat morning.
  • Hui0906

    Tipo de viajero:




  • dadadadafufu

    伊勢崎市, 群馬県



    忠烈祠から21番バスに乗り 台北市立美術館で降りて 季節がらか 花の咲いていない花博公園の中を通り行きました。 庭園には 結婚式で使うのか 民族衣装などを着て写真撮影をしている何組ものグループがいました。 落ち着けるきれいな庭園です。 帰りは雙城街まで歩き 食事をして中山国小駅から帰りました。

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