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Casa de Té Wisteria 紫藤廬

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Miércoles: 10:00 – 22:00




La Casa de Té Wisteria ocupa una posición central en la cultura política de Taipéi. Durante la década de 1950, el Prof. Chou Te-wei y un grupo de destacados académicos se reunieron aquí regularmente para discutir, estudiar y promover el liberalismo occidental en Taiwán. Después del Incidente Prodemocrático de Kaohsiung en 1979, se convirtió en un lugar de encuentro para los disidentes políticos y artistas de vanguardia. Este edificio fue convertido en una casa de té en 1981 por el propietario Chou Yu. Chou la llamó Casa de Té Wisteria, tras comprobar que las viejas viñas wisteria crecían a lo largo de los aleros del edificio. En 1997, la casa de té fue designada sitio histórico de la ciudad.



Arquitectura histórica Centros de Arte y Cultura
Todo el año
, Distrito Da'an, Taipéi Taiwán, R.O.C

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Horario de apertura

Domingo: 10:00 – 22:00
Lunes: 10:00 – 22:00
Martes: 10:00 – 22:00
Miércoles: 10:00 – 22:00
Jueves: 10:00 – 22:00
Viernes: 10:00 – 22:00
Sábado: 10:00 – 22:00

Instalaciones de servicios

  • Comida
  • Inodoro


Estación de MRT cercana

G Línea Songshan-Xindian Taipower Building


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  • Delenda2007

    Roma, Italia

    Tipo de viajero:

    Con amigos

    Tatamis y Gongfu


    Los apasionados del gongfu y el buen té somos afortunados de que este edificio historico se haya mantenido en pie y abierto al publico. Puedes elegir zona de mesas o tatami, y 3 cartas: té, cocina con té, y dulces/salados. Original seleccion de tés taiwaneses y puerh, que puedes preparar al estilo gonfu. Sin duda, un lugar excepcional donde pasar las horas disfrutando de buenos tés en un ambiente incomparable. Importante: El consumo minimo x persona es un té (relleno de agua sin limite). Si lo pides para compartir, hay que pagar un extra por el agua del segundo comensal. Si no conoces el gonfu, te hacen una demostracion, y tambien sirven algunos tés en taza.
  • BRCanning

    Boston, Massachusetts

    Tipo de viajero:

    En familia

    Not what we’d hoped for


    Based on the research we did we expected a truly memorable experience. The building is lovely and the staff were friendly and helpful in educating us about how to brew the tea. Unfortunately the tea didn’t impress. We had a high mountain oolong and a black tea and in neither case was there much to note. I thought the same oolong tea we had at restaurant north of Taipei was much more impressive. It may be that we are simply novices and don’t appreciate the subtleties but either way I left underwhelmed.
  • chefroyl

    Nueva York, Estado de Nueva York

    Tipo de viajero:

    Con amigos

    Wisteria Tea House


    I am an avid tea lover and was extremely excited to have the opportunity to visit Wisteria Tea House on my recent trip to Taiwan. Based on what I had heard from word of mouth, I reserved a private room and gathered a group of 8 friends to join me for tea at Wisteria. Upon arrival we were greeted nicely by the young man at the front desk. After talking with him a bit, we decided to have dinner 1st, followed by tea and snacks. Our reservation was for 7pm, however our order was not taken until 7:45.This was not a problem since we were having a great time amongst ourselves. The dinner arrived and was excellent. After the table was cleared I ordered 3 teas, the server told me i should order 4 teas, and I did. The 1st tea arrived and the server asked which one of us was going to brew it. I quickly jump at the chance, however one of my friends requested that she brew the 1st tea for us. Although she was very pleasant, the oriental beauty tea was extremely bitter due to the exorbitant amount of tea she used in the pot. She instructed us to always fill the tea pot 2/3 with tea. ??? It was now 9:30 and she told us to continue brewing the other teas ourselves, which we preferred anyway. A minute later the bill was dropped at the table and we were told by a different server that they are getting ready to close at 10:00. We still had aged tieguanyin, 2004 ban zhang sheng puer and 1960’s ripe puer. Anyone who knows teas, knows that a half hour is not enough to get thru these types of teas which will each easily brew many, many brews. i rushed thru the teas, doing 4 brews if each, which was an incredible waste of precious tea! To add to this, we were reprimanded by the same server who dropped the bill when we requested more water to brew with. She scolded us for rinsing the teas. She said that in Taiwan they valued the water and do not waste it as we were doing. I do not rinse all my teas, however, i will always rinse a 1960’s shou puer regardless of how precious the water is. And with the short amount of time allotted us, we needed to get to the heart of the other teas quicker. Despite, the severs’ unprofessional customer service and lack of training we still enjoyed the food, snacks and teas, all of which were very good. I just wish that the servers were better trained to match such a wonderful tea house treasure. We also felt that since they delayed taking the food order, then we should not have been rushed out, nor should they have up-sold an extra tea knowing that our time was so limited.
  • rezanate

    Los Ángeles, California

    Tipo de viajero:

    En solitario

    So Beautiful I Got Emotional


    I have to preface this by saying I’m moved pretty powerfully whenever I perceive beauty. In this case, watching one of the servers demonstrate the ceremony surrounding the two teas I ordered was wonderful. She had me smell the tea before steeping and then again after steeping. It was an exercise in mindfulness and connection to the deeper essence behind the beverage. I could see the tea growing in the forest, open and free in nature. This experience is one to be savored and if you go with friends prepare for the incredible conversation that this ages place will inevitably elicit. The tea is excellent and the snacks I had (date and walnut candy and pineapple cake) were both delicious. If you make it out to Taipei don’t miss the chance to step out of the hustle and bustle of this metropolis and into a slice of a simpler time closer to our collective humanity.
  • JxRe


    Tipo de viajero:

    En familia

    Enjoying a slow meal in a traditional house


    Quiet place for enjoying tea, with some snacks available too. Good for spending an afternoon reading maybe. We had lunch set, very good price and decent food. This place is frequented by lots of Japanese tourists, almost 80% of the guests were speaking Japanese when we were there

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