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Hotel Shangrila 遠東國際大飯店

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No.201, Sec.2, Dunhua South Road, Distrik Da-an, Kota Taipei Taiwán, R.O.C

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BR Wenhu Line Liuzhangli


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  • godfreyy162

    Toronto, Canada

    Jenis wisatawan:


    Best facility in Taipei


    This is our first trip to Taipei and we really appreciate the staff’s professionalism and courteous mannerism in handling our affairs upon arrival at the airport and then to the hotel. Our room was upgraded with the 101 Taipei Tower view. The hotel facilities are very clean and all the amenities are in place. We are very pleased with the services provided and we will definitely recommend this hotel to anyone traveling to Taipei for a holiday or on business.
  • Reginald P S

    Singapore, Singapore

    Great Experience, but with Inconsistencies Compared to Other Shangri-La Hotels


    I brought my parents and aunt with me on this trip, and Shangri-La Taipei has impressed them with its great hospitality: 1) My parents and aunt arrived earlier than me in the day, arriving in early morning. Shangri-La's rep at the airport, Django, was very friendly and took care of them and their luggage. Upon arrival at the hotel, they were brought up and hosted at the Club Lounge until the room was ready for check-in. Our hotel driver, Ivan, was also a pleasure to have conversation with. 2) The concierge staff is also very helpful & full of initiatives - especially Christopher Uy - who is always cheery & full of smile. Roger, the doorman, was also a gem - when he saw us going out on foot to explore the town, he quickly went to get some water bottles for our consumption along the way - how sweet! The reservation staff - Jane & Wendy - need to be commended as well for very clear responses to my multiple emails with many questions. 3) The Horizon Club Lounge as well as the rooftop pool have fabulous views of Taipei 101 - definitely a breathtaking sight and excellent photograph spots. The hotels are also generally maintained really well. Special mention for the gym staff who takes care of the equipments very well. However, having stayed in some of the best Shangri-Las, there are quite a number of inconsistencies which I would like to point out: 1) I am rather surprised that the Horizon Club Lounge was not as exclusive as the others in the region. In other non-resort Shangri-La typically the people will dress smartly and there are some unspoken dress code. I went in with a jacket and my mom and aunt with proper dresses, expecting same standard, but found ourselves to be overdressed, among guests with flip-flop and pajama-like attires. Some guests brought kids along and started playing cards with them, making too much noise and hogging table while there were some people waiting for one. Staff was friendly and food was good, but I am just disappointed - probably I should have come with lower expectation. 2) While my parents and aunt were escorted directly to Horizon Club Lounge, upon my arrival using hotel car, I checked in at the lobby. I do not mind, just that typically in other Shangri-La, when I book Club Room especially when I arrive in hotel car, somebody would escort me for check-in at the lounge. 3) One of the staff accompanied my parents to the room. My parents asked on how to use the bide (Japanese toilet bowl), but the staff does not how to use it. He promised somebody will come and explain, but nobody did come. ps: Apologies for the late feedback. I tried to provide feedback through the link provided in the email, but it seemed like I was too late in accessing it.
  • like_travel2009


    Jenis wisatawan:




    高級品牌酒店,雖然房價不菲,住一晚要港幣一千九百元。但是物有所值。非常欣賞他們殷勤的服務。 雖然地點沒有公交直達,但是地段昂貴,去所有消費點都很方便!
  • Ching Yee C

    寮國Phon Hong

    Jenis wisatawan:


    貴價 品牌酒店卻沒有 shuttle bus


    昨天晚上9時到達桃園機場,以為酒店有shuttle bus到達,付費的也可以呀! 最後只有坐的士大約港幣300元! 沒有直達公交,下車還要步行十多分鐘!
  • reireikk

    中央区, 東京都



    1月の前半に36階のホライゾンプレミアに泊まりました。 ホライゾン用のチェックインカウンターへ案内され、もともと泊まる予定だったホライゾンデラックスからアップグレード。だいたい5千円でした。小雨が降っていたせいか屋上のプールは貸切状態でした。気温は17度前後と寒い状況でしたが、水温はとても暖かく、大変気持ちよかったです。ライフセーバーもいてとても親しみやすかったので、プールに入るより長い間会話していました笑 部屋は台北101が見える眺めが素晴らしい部屋でした。ホライゾンプレミアだと一人だと一人じゃ落ち着かなかったです。 24時間コンシェルジュが対応してくれたので、深夜2時にフルーツの皮むきをお願いした際もすぐ部屋まで来てくれました。 ビュッフェ形式のホライゾンクラブラウンジはディナーを提供してくれるので、外で食べる必要はありません。食べ物の品揃えも多く、特にワインは美味しかったです。 是非とも次回も利用したいと思います。

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