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Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei 台北當代藝術館

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Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei

Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei adalah bangunan bersejarah, pada era penjajahan jepang merupakan gedung sekolah di Taipei, setelah penjajahan berakhir tempat itu menjadi kantor pemerintahan Taipei, tahun 1994 bangunan depan gedung pemerintahan Taipei digunakan sebagai museum seni, kedua sisi timur dan barat dijadikan gedung Sekolah Menengah Pertama.

 Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei

Dalam gedung tersebut dipamerkan berbagai macam karya seni saat ini, membuat pengunjung bisa memahami makna dari karya seni tersebut, juga terdapat panduan suara yang dapat diunduh gratis, peminjaman alat panduan suara secara gratis, layanan panduan group secara gratis, pada akhir pekan terdapat forum dan seminar, aktivitas workshop, study camp, silakan untuk mendaftar.

Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei

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Bangunan bersejarah Gedung kesenian & budaya Tempat wisata Taipei, Taipei Baru, Keelung
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No. 39, Changan West Road, Distrik Datong, Kota Taipei Taiwán, R.O.C

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  • CdnLovesTravel787

    Vancouver, Canadá

    Museum a massive disappointment


    MOCA building was built by the Japanese in 1921 during their rule from 1895 to 1945. It was later designated as a historical building and reopened as MOCA in 2001. The building features Corinthian columns at the front. There is always a theme at this gallery, and this time it was nihilism which means total rejection of established laws and institutions; the belief that life is meaningless: an exhibition of nihilistic art- a complete oxymoron. In the past the museum featured fabulous sculptures and artists from around the world and I always enjoyed coming here. This time the exhibit was extremely depressing and diametrically opposite to my own view of life. I was so happy to leave. Most of the rooms you entered, had black fabric for doors which you pushed aside to get in. Inside the little rooms there was a bench for you to sit and watch a seemingly meaningless video. Some rooms had earphones to explain things but I wasn’t interested as the images were not interesting at all. It seemed to me that all exhibits were a cheap way to pretend about something that really wasn't there nor meaningful. I remember 6 years ago how great it was to feature famous artists from around the world. I felt as if I had wasted my entire time that day, looking to find the museum first, then spending what time I had there. The only interesting thing was the video of the history of MOCA ground level.
  • jayyyyn

    Singapore, Singapore

    Jenis wisatawan:

    Friends getaway

    Artistic & creative


    A great place to visit if you would like an artistic touch to your trip in taipei (other than the usual eating/drinking/shopping/trekking!! When we went, it was a disaster based exhibition and it took us around 2-3h to complete the entire exhibition - interesting exhibits and areas with audio/ videos documentaries. Great place to get some inspiration. Would recommend to visit on a weekday as there wasnt a lot of people and we got to take our time to explore the place
  • 619jeffry

    Essendon, Australia

    Contemporary art can be entertaining


    After a lot of searching, I found the Museum of Contemporary Arts (MOCA) in Chang An Road West. It is located in the old Taipei City Government building. As they were setting up for a new show, there was no entry charge. What I saw was very pleasant. There's always a bit of friction between modern and contemporary art, but this gallery is well worth a visit. Best access is by the MRT.
  • C9184SA_

    Jenis wisatawan:




  • thelonious22


    Nice inexpensive Museum


    Museum of Contemporary Art had a reasonable admission charge so I took a look despite limited explanations in English. There wasn’t any permanent exhibitions and two temporary ones were on display. One was on display outside in the public area. The one in the paid area about the recent conflict in Hong Kong took up most of the inside space. Other than some political flyers and posters, there wasn’t much English explanation available and one had to be pretty knowledgeable about the conflict to fully appreciate most of the pieces.

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