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Yangmingshan Night View 陽明山夜景

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Yangmingshan Night View

Pemandangan malam Yangmingshan sangat terkenal di Taipei, dengan melewati Yangde Boulevard, disana bisa menikmati pemandangan malam Taipei dengan gemerlap bintang dilangit serta lautan cahaya lampu yang memukau, Tempat menikmati pemandangan malam juga termasuk Baiyun Mountain Resort, Zhuzi lake, Yonggong Road, The Lin Yutang House, serta mengitari Yangmingshan National Park menuju Dinghu atau Beitou. Selain itu, Erziping, Qing Tian Gang, juga sangat cocok untuk menikmati pemandangan malam.

Tempat yang mewakili semuanya ini adalah belakang Chinese Culture University, karena dekat dengan Taipei, ditambah sudut kemiringan yang cukup terjal,serasa melihat pemandangan dari dekat serta dekat dengan gemerlap lampu kota yang memukau.

Yangmingshan Night View

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No. 55, Huagang Road, Distrik Shilin, Kota Taipei Taiwán, R.O.C

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  • WeiHuang91

    Singapur, Singapur

    Caught the Sakura over at Yang Ming Shan!


    My friends and I made it here in time to catch the Sakura season over at the Yang Ming Shan Mountain areas! We hired a driver that drove us all the way from our hotel and brought us out for a full day tour over at the Yang Ming Shan National Park Area. There were a few checkpoints that the driver have introduced us which were really great spots to take an OOTD photo and see the Sakura flowers! We even managed to squeeze in some time to actually do a short trek around the area and I would highly recommend people to drop by. Feb will be a good and cooling season to come!
  • tatsurun




    陽明山は付近の山の総称であり、範囲はかなり広いです。 事前のリサーチが必要です。 特に、バスで行かれる場合、夕方でも早い時間に最終バスが終わってしまうので、事前リサーチが必要です。 タクシーを読んでも来てくれないことがあります。
  • Pierre E

    Washington D.C., Distrito de Columbia

    Wonderful hiking options


    From Taipei, take the S15 (small bus) for a 30-minute or so inexpensive bus ride to this wonderful mountainous place. For a worthwhile half-day adventure, start at Qingtiangang Visitor Center, hike over a hanging bridge to Lenshuikeng Visitor Center, where you can get a meal or something to drink. Cross the road, turn right and walk 5 minutes to a Hot Spring where you can dip your feet or up to your thigh in nice warm water. From there, hike some more, past scenic Menghuan Pond, where you can hear birds, frogs, and other wildlife. Eventually, you will reach Mt. Qixing East Peak, then on to Mt. Qixing itself. Relax here with other climbers, before descending to Xiaoyoukeng Visitor Center. There you can take the 108 bus back to where you can grab the S15 back to Taipei. This can be a strenous, relatively steep climb in parts, in particular if you are not in ready hiking shape. And the hike back down is steep and slippery in parts, so wear good hiking shoes and be careful. On cloudy days, you won't see much beyond the immediately visible (including some wlidlife), but on clear days you can see for miles, and it's spectacular.
  • jayyyyn

    Singapore, Singapore

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    Had an opportunity to trek up seven peak mountain (started at xiaoyoukeng) - took me & my dad who’s 60y/o about 3-4 hour to comfortably hike and get a lunch at trail end - would recommend this route exactly as it is. Was misty when we reached the totem pole so we didnt get to see any much view. Please wear trekking shoes for this as while the place is well paved, some places can get muddy when it rains/ after it rains - rmb to bring waterproof jacket too Weather was perfect for us - hiked from 10am to around 2pm - more difficult than elephant trail but still doable
  • wang2383





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