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VR Tour – A New Experience in Sensory Exploration

Let’s break the temporal and spatial constraints using virtual reality (VR), 360°panorama video and wide-angle aerial photos to collect the most popular tourist attractions in Taipei. By clicking your mouse, you can initiate a sensory exploration and read travel-guidebook like information about the attractions. Let’s go! Let’s hit the road to experience the charm of Taipei city online now!

You can start the VR tour with a computer, tablet, mobile phone or VR equipment.


Known for selling groceries, Chinese medicine, clothes and tea, Dihua Street is always crowded when the spring festival and holidays arrive. The terrace stores, red-brick western-style buildings and baroque architecture in this district have been well preserved, giving an old-fashioned charm. The stores, streetscape and travelers in cheongsam have created a nostalgic atmosphere of old Taipei, making you feel like having a time ravel journey when you walk on the street.

  • Yongle Square

  • Dihua Street

  • Chengyuetong

  • Xiahai City God Temple

  • Dadaocheng Theater

  • ArtYard

  • Dadaocheng Visitor Center

  • Lin Wu Hu Ancestral House

  • Shi-Lian-Dong Historic Building

  • Li Ting Xiang Cake Shop


Dadaocheng, known as land with abundant humanities, had attracted many wealthy businessmen and literary people to live here, resulting in its long-history and prosperous commercial activities and historical development. Let’s follow us to, via the VR technology, become a one-day stroller in the old town and explore the historical memory of old Taipei.

  • Shin Hong Choon Tea

  • Taiwan New Cultural Movement Memorial Museum

  • WEI-SHUI Station

  • History Room of Taiping Elementary School

  • Ningxia Road Night Market

  • Cisheng Temple


Dadaocheng Wharf is located in an important port of Northern Taiwan at the end of the 19th century; and has contributed to the prosperous development of and brought business opportunities to surrounding areas. Today’s Dadaocheng Wharf is a tourist attraction and popular social media check-in spot due to the beautiful sunset and Container Market!

  • Dadaocheng Wharf

  • Dadaocheng Wharf Container Market

  • Wind moving wall of Dunhuang Wharf

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A New Experience in Sensory Exploration

Explore Dadaocheng
Dadaocheng Raiders

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In recent years, it has been revived with new shops, welcoming travelers to stroll down the old streets, enjoy coffee and delicacies in the traditional buildings, and experience a blend of the old and the new of the area. The Taipei Expo Park and outdoor markets around Yuanshan area are also perfect for parents with children.


Savoring the Tastes of Old Taipei

We have translated extracts of Jiao Tong’s book into English for those with a love for good food and an interest in the culture of Taipei. It is as much a map for the taste buds as a walking guide through the city’s variegated history.