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VR Tour – A New Experience in Sensory Exploration

Let’s break the temporal and spatial constraints using virtual reality (VR), 360°panorama video and wide-angle aerial photos to collect the most popular tourist attractions in Taipei. By clicking your mouse, you can initiate a sensory exploration and read travel-guidebook like information about the attractions. Let’s go! Let’s hit the road to experience the charm of Taipei city online now!

You can start the VR tour with a computer, tablet, mobile phone or VR equipment.


Known for selling groceries, Chinese medicine, clothes and tea, Dihua Street is always crowded when the spring festival and holidays arrive. The terrace stores, red-brick western-style buildings and baroque architecture in this district have been well preserved, giving an old-fashioned charm. The stores, streetscape and travelers in cheongsam have created a nostalgic atmosphere of old Taipei, making you feel like having a time ravel journey when you walk on the street.

  • Yongle Square

  • Dihua Street

  • Chengyuetong

  • Xiahai City God Temple

  • Dadaocheng Theater

  • ArtYard

  • Dadaocheng Visitor Center

  • Lin Wu Hu Ancestral House

  • Shi-Lian-Dong Historic Building

  • Li Ting Xiang Cake Shop


Dadaocheng, known as land with abundant humanities, had attracted many wealthy businessmen and literary people to live here, resulting in its long-history and prosperous commercial activities and historical development. Let’s follow us to, via the VR technology, become a one-day stroller in the old town and explore the historical memory of old Taipei.

  • Shin Hong Choon Tea

  • Taiwan New Cultural Movement Memorial Museum

  • WEI-SHUI Station

  • History Room of Taiping Elementary School

  • Ningxia Road Night Market

  • Cisheng Temple


Dadaocheng Wharf is located in an important port of Northern Taiwan at the end of the 19th century; and has contributed to the prosperous development of and brought business opportunities to surrounding areas. Today’s Dadaocheng Wharf is a tourist attraction and popular social media check-in spot due to the beautiful sunset and Container Market!

  • Dadaocheng Wharf

  • Dadaocheng Wharf Container Market

  • Wind moving wall of Dunhuang Wharf

Dadaocheng Raiders

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