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타이베이 관광 웹사이트

동황호텔 東皇大飯店

앵커 포인트
대만타이베이 시베이터우 구타이베이시 북투구 온천로 108호 1-6층
NT$2,200 ~ NT$3,200

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  • 냉장고
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  • 욕조
  • DVD Player

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  • Johannady

    Pala-o, Iligan, Philippines

    여행자 유형:

    En pareja

    Racist Receptionist and Very Dirty and Old


    The owner explicitly hinted that i must be an "entertainer" in Japan because I'm Filipino and my boyfriend is Japanese. She said there are lots of Filipinos and Chinese who work for KTVs(karaoke with sexual service) in tokyo. I was excited to use the hotspring but I am so distressed. It is too nasty to use. Looks like it has not been properly cleaned/maitained for decades. There are icky stuff in between the tiles and on the tiles themselves. There's dust everywhere, even on ceiling and floor. Even the hair dryer looks greyish+yellowish, i will have to just air dry my hair. I'm even scared to use it because it could be just as dilapidated as the TV which looks like it is from the 80's. Internet is extremely slow too. Frankly, I would urge foreign tourists to refrain from visiting this hotel so as not to be discriminated against, thus waisting money and spirit. The hostels hear in Beitou are better in facilities and price and you do not meet discrimination.

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