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타이베이 관광 웹사이트

프랑스킹호텔 法皇商務旅館

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대만타이베이 시난강 구타이베이시 남항구 중양로 122호
NT$3,380 ±

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  • peter6130

    여행자 유형:




  • cherylsiahgoh

    여행자 유형:

    En familia

    Terrible stay


    Was looking at the pix and chose this hotel but when we arrived there, we were shocked! From the moment the taxi made a turn into the district, we all felt pretty uncomfortable, it's quite a run down area of Taipei which we have never seen in the entire trip. Drainage seems to be a problem right at the entrance of the hotel, the street stinks. The hotel oozes fake opulence, we were ok even if the paintings decorating the hotel were not authentic, but the entire place is tiresomely old. Peeling paint can be seen everywhere, from lobby to rooms. Hotel toilet is super small and floor was extremely slippery. The entire place reeks of mould. What was worse was that, although the breakfast was supposed to end at 9:30 am and we arrived at the cafe/restaurant at 9 am, the staff were eating at a corner and the entire place was like a ghost-town! The food was freezing cold, none of the warmers were lighted or switched on and when we gave feedback, the staff pretended to be surprised that the food was not kept warm and after 15 minutes did they start to light up all the warmers. By then we were so fed-up we left and packed up our luggage and checked out. At the checkout counter, I gave the feedback and they gave some lousy excuse and when I asked for some form of compensation, they claim that they can't do anything since we had booked through Expedia. Since the rest of our stay in Taiwan through Expedia's booking was pretty fantastic, I decided I will not complain to Expedia but give a direct review of this most horrible hotel here.
  • Michael S


    여행자 유형:

    De negocios

    Adequate ish!


    I got what I paid for, just. Lesson learned. I'll pay more next time. Not good value. Whilst most staff very pleasant, the breakfast chef clearing her morning mucus every morning was no help to the cuisine on offer!. Room in the basement was depressing.
  • Michael S



  • Raymondfeng

    Weird stay


    I have stay here for one night and i am really disappointed with the hotel. i requested for a early check in but they told me their hotel run on computerize format therefore not able to let us enter early by an hour. The check in time is 3pm. And i reach the hotel at 150pm. It was raining outside and finding this hotel was not an easy task. Room was really spacious, had a shock but the bed is like sleeping on a yoga mat. I beileve this hotel is undergoing some renovation therefore they have this smelly renovation smell going around and it really make us feel uncomfortable. They have a sauna but was told that it is not functionable. Only for bathing purpose. Overall the hotel is old and location wise is not that accessible. I beileve customer service can have some improvement to be make.

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