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송림호텔 松林大旅社

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대만타이베이 시완화 구타이베이시 만화구 계림로 174호 3-4층,176호 1-4층
NT$900 ~ NT$1,200

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  • HIDEH37

    여행자 유형:

    En pareja



    價格實在..房間很美.櫃台服務很好 設備很新.電視設備很新 很適合商務人士及情侶一同住宿 交通方便. 經濟實會 附近吃東西也很方便
  • okiesooner09


    여행자 유형:

    En pareja

    An older hotel near the night market


    The Song Lin Hotel looked like it may have been built in the 1950s and may have been a swanky place at one time. But it looked like it hadn’t been updated, remodeled or renovated since it was built. Our room was okay. It was a good size and had two full size beds. The beds had rock hard mattresses. I understand that this is common for the region but it took a few nights to get used to. In between the beds was a wooden cabinet that had a console with all of the buttons for working all of the lights and the air conditioner. The air conditioner and most of the lights worked. The carpeting was threadbare and looked like it may have never been replaced. The room seemed clean and didn’t smell old or like mildew. Our room was on the top floor. It had a window that opened out with no screen that overlooked the main street. The room had a refrigerator, a desk, a cabinet for your clothes, a fan mounted on the wall, a color TV with cable (there were a few English channels), and a water machine that dispensed filtered hot and cold water. The bathroom looked like the 50s. It was all green and white tile. It only had a tub. It did have a shower wand thing but no shower curtain. There was a drain in the middle of the floor. It had a sit-down toilet but you couldn’t flush toilet paper. You had to throw it in the trash can. Whenever you turned on the bathroom light, you always saw a half dozen little beetle bugs crawling around on the walls and floor. After awhile you barely noticed them. The hotel had a washing machine you could use free of charge. There was no dryer but a clothes line on the enclosed roof. We stayed at the hotel for 15 nights and found it acceptable and adequate but Motel 6 would have been a step up. The best thing about this hotel for us was that it was very close to our in-law’s apartment. It was also fairly inexpensive. We had the nicest room and it was only $40 a night. They do take credit cards. The staff was friendly but spoke almost no English, making it difficult to communicate. This hotel is not in a touristy area, which we enjoyed. There were little mom and pop restaurants and shops everywhere. The night market is just around the corner. The Longshan train station and metro stop were a few blocks away. If you want to be a little adventurous I would recommend the Song Lin Hotel. It is inexpensive and in an interesting and convenient location.

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