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타이베이 탐색관는 타이베이시의 역사문화의 궤적 탐방을 목적으로 지어졌다. 또한 타이베이의 자연생태, 인문, 사회 및 각종 레저 발전을 볼 수 있으며 과거 역사 시대 타이베이부터 미래의 타이베이의 모습까지 살펴 볼 수 있다. 갖가지 생동적인 현장 설계로 타이베이의 어제와 오늘, 미래를 한 눈에 느낄 수 있을 것이다.

관광 명소 정보

예술문화공간 가족여행 북부 대만 101 핫플레이스
추천 대상
부모 - 자식 교육、사회과 견학
추천하는 달
1년 내내
대만타이베이 시신이 구시정부로 1호1층

관련 링크

영업 시간


서비스 시설

  • 접근성
  • 음식
  • 쇼핑
  • 화장실
  • 주차장
  • 분실 및 발견
  • 방송 서비스
  • 로커

교통 정보

인근 MRT 역

BL 반난 선 타이베이 시청


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  • poonchiulam


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  • Andy P

    Weymouth, England, United Kingdom

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    Con amigos

    Wow, really interesting, professional and free


    A little drizzle meant views from 101 might not be clear so we went here with our Taiwanese friends. We could hire a audio guide for free leaving our passport as a deposit (totally safe). We were encouraged to go to the theatre as a show was soon to start and once there they checked to see if we needed English sub titles. Do not miss it as it creates a context for the rest of the centre. It is all free.
  • HKeater


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  • 619jeffry

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    Con amigos

    Batter up for Taiwan!


    Taipei has an engaging history, as the Discovery Centre illustrates It's a record of the history of Taipei since prehistoric days. Just now, there is a multilevel display of baseball in Taiwan. The people of Taiwan love baseball. Apart from the many trophies that Taiwan has won at junior level since the 1970s, Taiwan won an Olympic bronze in 1984 and an Olympic silver in 1992. The Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) has had its ups and downs, but Taiwan's fans turn out to support their favourite players. Taiwan ball players have starred in US Major League Baseball (MLB) and also in the competitive Japanese league. The Discovery Centre is located in the Taipei City Government building, near the MRT station. Entry is gratis; you can easily spend an hour or two here. Anyone who likes baseball will find much to interest them.
  • BackPacker745629

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    En solitario



    Lots of things to do around the centre of Taipei, the National Palace is nearby, as well as a creative park, a unique temple, just walking around is fantastic. There is also a huge underground shopping centre at the Taipei Main Station.

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