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경화성 Living Mall 京華城 Living Mall

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대만타이베이 시쑹산 구팔덕로 4단 138호


경화성(Living Mall)에는 천여개의 국내외 사업체가 입주해 있는데 “L”모양의 주요 건축체와 하나의 공모양의 건축물로 만들어 졌는데, 이는 “쌍룡포주(두용이 여의주를 품고 있다)”의 개념에서 온 것이라 하며 대만 주요 관광 지표이다. 내부는 L형 건축물과 공모양의 공간을 이용해 15층 높이로 넓은 매장이 특색이다.

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백화점 부문 일~목 11:00-21:30, 금요일, 토요일, 국정공휴일11:00-22:30,
B3층의 지심인력미식가 일~목 11:00-22:00, 금요일, 토요일, 국정공휴일 11:00-22:30

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인근 MRT 역

G 쑹산-신뎬 선 난징 싼민


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  • EricaW1239


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  • heatherlJ4805XB

    Beckley, Virginia Occidental

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    En familia

    Very Kid Friendly, But Kind of Dead


    This mall is amazing for small children, I took my two year old here while staying in Taipei, he loved all of the riding toys available! The downstairs is cool because they had actual carnival rides and a bungee trampoline. My son was not old enough for this section, but there were lots of kids and moms there! The mall it's self is not so bad, but you can tell that it's not doing as well as it might have when it first opened. There aren't many teens walking around and a-lot of the store spaces are empty. We went to one of the top floors just exploring and there were only two places for dinner but nothing else, this area was really creepy and we left pretty quickly! I did some shopping there but the prices are kind of high in the actual stores, I got my son some shirts from a vendor that was set up in the mall and she was reasonably priced! We ate hotpot inside as well not my favorite but it was decent! The food court downstairs was pretty good!
  • toasty24

    Nueva York, Estado de Nueva York

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    En familia

    Even if you go just for the kids -- DEPRESSING (go to Att for Fun Recharge instead)


    the only reason to come here is for the kid's play zones. Despite this, just entering the mall gives you a ghostly, depressed feeling that you just want to escape. I don't care how much fun the kids are having --the interior feel is just so oppressive and negative. If you REALLY need a kids zone, go to the ATT for Fun Recharge mall in Neihu which is the newest Kids focused mall with 3 floors of play zones, rides, bouncy houses, arcades, and more! Please do NOT spend your precious time at this mall -- it made me so depressed to waste my vacation days in this shell of a dead shopping center. And the food court! the signs are yellowed, i saw flies buzzing around -- gross. please don't even bother.

    Smithfield, Australia

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    Con amigos

    Dead End Boring Shops


    A short visit inside the Living Mall on Saturday 30/03/19, we were somewhat disappointed considering this was a very large Mall with many levels & didn't find any interesting shops or any high end fashion labels. Some of the interior architecture inside the Mall was interesting & we ended up eating in the food hall on the bottom level full of screaming kids & family's & difficulty in finding seats to eat our meal. Need I say we didn't have any desire to return for a second visit.

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