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대만타이베이 시다퉁 구주천가76호


유격식품은 대룡동문화원구(大龍峒文化園區)에 있으며 타이베이 공자묘와 이웃하고 있는데 “중화의 세밀한 제과문화를 계승한다”는 자부심 아래 자신의 제과기술과 지방문화 특색을 결합하여 신제품인 “묵조소”를 개발하여 2006년 시장에 내 놓았는데 이는 대만에서 처음 나온 축산 제과제품으로 고객들의 호평을 받고 있다.

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인근 MRT 역

R 단수이-신이 선 민취안시루

O 중허-신루 선 다차오터우

R 단수이-신이 선 솽롄

R 단수이-신이 선 위안산

O 중허-신루 선 중산 초등학교


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  • sawa-keisuke

    横浜市, 神奈川県



  • FaizalRus1986

    Nice gift from Taiwan


    Good experience for the DIY Class. They offer me to try all of their products. what is most important for me is that their products is certified Halal for muslim.
  • Linus0425



    パイナップルケーキなど台湾の定番土産が揃う店。 MRT民権西路駅から承徳路という広い店を少し歩き、サントスホテルの手前にあります。 桃園国際空港に向かう高速道路のインター手前、松山空港に近い場所にあるせいなのか、昼間は店の前に大型観光バスが止まっていることが多く、ツアー参加の際にパイナップルケーキを買う店のイメージがある。 以前、パイナップルケーキの代表店に選ばれたそうですが、高級店や有名店が増えたせいななか味は特別感動しない感じ。 なお、店内にはカフェコーナーがあってタピオカミルクティーなどがチェーン店と変わらない(もしくは安い)価格でいただけます。
  • maoo720ml

    大阪市, 大阪府

    여행자 유형:




    品揃えは普通だが 緑豆の菓子が欲しかったので行って良かった。 試食もそこそこあり買い物はしやすい。 現地の人が買いに来る店とのガイドの説明だったが やはりツアー客がメインの店。
  • steo18

    Australia Occidental, Australia

    여행자 유형:

    En familia

    Unpleasant visit to Vigor Kobo Cheng De Lu Taipei outlet


    On 27 June around 12:45 we were brought to this Vigor Kobo outlet in Cheng De Rd Taipei by our Tour Guide which strongly recommended this's the best biscuits shop that we should visit regardless I told him that I prefer to get Chia De & Li Ji discuits as they were ranked the best by tourists online. Upon step in, we tested small pieces of pineapples tarts & short briefing by the indoor female sales staff. Her tone was very unfriendly & impatience when she tries to promote the biscuits & when we asked more on expiry date, she sounded even worse. Just we are small group with only 2 of us and there're no other tourists in this shop. The atmosphere turned badly when I asked her how many boxes I still need to purchase in order to reach the minimum of NTD2K that they'll then pack for you into box. She was very impatience & talked rudely. Very ill-manner & bad attitude I ever come across in all my travel. I raised my voice & told her that she was rude & she even dare to argue back. What kind of customer service she has. Not to disappoint our Tour Guide, I paid NTD2.1K reluctantly for the goods that NOT to my desire & satisfactory. Ended up, I got to buy from airport Chia De & Li Ji pineapples tarts & Sun biscuits which were so much better than this Vigor Kobo. At least, the ingredient of pineapples & Sun biscuits has NOT been 'hardened' as compared to VK, which the expiry date still in Aug. What an unlucky & unpleasant encountered I've with them & spoil my mood for the whole day!!!

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