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Taipei Transportation
BMW Leisure & Recreation Style Use Bus and Bike (B), Metro (M), and Walk (W) for relaxing explorations of every corner of Taipei!

Taipei City YouBike

To build a sustainable, eco-friendly and healthy “green city” in 2009, Taipei City’s Department of Transportation (DOT) introduced the bicycle rental program, YouBike, in 2009, as a public transport subsystem to meet the demand for the first- and last-mile connection to mass transit services.

YouBike Rental Information

Metro Taipei
Metro Taipei

The MRT metro system is the easiest way to get around in Taipei. Clean and air-conditioned trains arrive every five minutes. To keep the transit system clean, smoking, eating and drinking is strictly prohibited. The well-maintained transit system is well-loved by office workers, students and tourists. Hours: 06:00 ~ 24:00

MRT Route Map


Public Bus
Public Bus

Buses in Taipei are numerous and bus routes are well-planned. Once you get a hang of it, buses are a great way to get around the city. Buses take EasyCard or cash. Prices are calculated by distance. Tickets come in three price levels: One-segment, Two-segment and Three segment.


Getting from the Airport to Taipei City

Getting from the Airport to Taipei CityTaoyuan International Airport of Taiwan is located No.9 Terminal South Road, Dayuan Township. The airport website offers comprehensive transportation information including ticket prices from Taoyuan International Airport to Songshan Airport or Taipei Railway Station


Telephone Inquiries : +886-3-3983728
Terminal 1 Service Hotline : +886-3-3982143
Terminal 2 Service Hotline : +886-3-3983274
Emergency Hotline : +886-3-3982050


Taipei Visitor Information
Taipei Visitor Information Center

Taipei City Government has established 13 visitor information centers in Taipei. The services at each center are tailored to the specific attractions in the vicinity. In addition to counter help, the centers offer access to print and online tourism information, including free brochures on scenic sites, dining, accommodations, transportation and more.